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Dr. Who
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Sep 21, 2017 at 7:28 AM
Oct 4, 2011
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Enjoying the "other" west coast
Run a large organic farm co-op

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Dr. Who

Well-Known Member, from Enjoying the "other" west coast

Anybody heard from @cindysid since the hurricane? Sep 13, 2017

Dr. Who was last seen:
Sep 21, 2017 at 7:28 AM
    1. Friction1957
      I'm a total noob first timer just getting started. I've been reading your posts and enjoying your comments. May I be totally rude and ask you to go take a look at my journal and put in your .02 if you have some time? I'd really appreciate anything that you noticed. http://www.rollitup.org/t/first-time-grow-white-rhino.909573/
    2. vostok
    3. usurper333
      Can you please look at the new pic's I posted yesterday
    4. Jimmy Sparkle
      Jimmy Sparkle
      Dr who, I would like to ask you a question here if you don't mind. I have two nice small indica shrubs growing in 1 gallon containers at the moment.I would like to keep them as mom's. Do you have any good info on mother keeping or maybe where I may find some "good" info not the crapulence that you hear blowing around places? I appreciate your time and knowledge my man. Thank-you Jimmy
      1. Dr. Who
        Dr. Who
        PM sent
        Apr 9, 2016
    5. vostok
      Good To See You Back ..!

      You Crim. You ...lol(jk)

      Once it all clears ...lets have the story ..lol 'v'
    6. ryan1918
      What dispensary did you own or operate that was raided and what actual charge are you facing?
      1. Bose likes this.
      2. Dr. Who
        Dr. Who
        Due to the legal issues at this time. I can not answer that. The "investigation" is ongoing and formal charges have yet to be filed against us.
        Mar 3, 2016
        NHS Garden Gurus likes this.
      3. NHS Garden Gurus
        NHS Garden Gurus
        Good Luck!
        Mar 4, 2016
    7. Mowgli Ma-Fên
    8. MightyMumra
      Also 2-3 weeks left in flower
    9. MightyMumra
      Thanks 4 ur help! i was gone a wk and came back to a pile of yellow leaves.Buds themselves are filling out,lower colas still stringy but still full of sugary trichomes. My last feeding i added a tsp of N. it slowed the yellowing but the damage is done. Should i continue with the N? Should i flush? or should i just feed it H20 with molasses? also i know my yield will be at a min but will the quality be affected also?
    10. Dr. Who
      Dr. Who
      Site is not working properly!
    11. Jimdamick
      Hey pal, I read a reply you made stating how you are in the business , and cater to a varied clientele. I was hoping you can help me out. I have a good friend that just wants a nice calming high, just to reduce stress and not to get blasted. I don't know any, as I have always focused on the blasted side. If you could make a suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
    12. nomoresnow
    13. mikemw
      can u see dr my last threat ?? can i harvest my autoflower london skunk now ??
      thank you
    14. reefermaduk
      hay doc what temp is best for grow tent is 27-28 ok seen few post saying 28-30 but sum saying 25 I don't trust some people but I do know your input will be 100% on the ball would you think I would have problems running tent at 28
    15. sunni
      awe thanks for the nice comment about me :p
    16. JaySmokesWeed
      Hey Doc, I'm new you answered on my post and it seems like your the God Of Growing Weed so I got a few Questions, And maybe some mentoring? Much Will be ablidged
    17. TheChemist77
      hey doc, just wondering if u can give me a quick answer to a question. if yellowing goes from bottom up its light related or using stored energy wright? if yellowing apears at the top first whats that? not including light or heat burn as thats not possible in my room.
      1. sigurd
        could be pesticides being sprayed, or just maturing.
        Mar 25, 2015
    18. TheChemist77
      HEY DOC, A NEW GUY ASKED ME FOR HELP, I TOLD HIM U MAY BE OF MORE HElP THAN ME. HIS NAME IS mikeloke.. hope u can message him..Also thank you for helping me, its nice to have people like u and satieved that share their knowledge w/out being dicks..seems like tere are to many of them on here..Hope u can help
    19. weedenhanced
      Yo man sorry about all that shet I said in that thread I was outa line I teach my kids to respect there elder I guess I should listen to myself and my typin so bad cause iam on a tablet
      1. Dr. Who likes this.
      2. Dr. Who
        Dr. Who
        Thanks man....I do understand.....Your cool.
        May 12, 2014
      3. weedenhanced
        We all just love buds lol
        May 12, 2014
    20. Ski's Genes
      Ski's Genes
      Still speechless?
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    Enjoying the "other" west coast
    Run a large organic farm co-op
    Been around the block and then some
    Getting to old
    You can't complain about congress if you vote in the same guy





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