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Flaming Pie
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Nov 18, 2017 at 10:16 PM
Jun 26, 2012
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Mom and Garden Enthusiast

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Flaming Pie

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Wut May 29, 2014

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Nov 18, 2017 at 10:16 PM
    1. UncleBuck
      hey pie, why did you delete my question?

      i wanted to know how you feel about supporting a candidate who hits on 14 year old little girls outside of their custody hearings in a courtroom hallway, and then gets them drunk, takes them out to the woods, and rapes them. you proud of that?
      1. UncleBuck
        i know you like his stance that homosexuality should be illegal and that muslim people should be banned from holding office, so don't bother addressing that.

        just tell me about the raping 14 year old girls part. thanks.
        Nov 12, 2017
    2. tangerinegreen555
      Пылающий пирог
    3. J Scmo
      J Scmo
      I don't even know where to begin with that sorta thing so I was wondering if you have a thread detailing your set up. They would be growing ggg grapestomper og. Thanks.
    4. J Scmo
      J Scmo
      I tried to figure out how to send private messages but failed so I'll post this here I guess. Saw your pics in the ggg thread and they look awesome. I grow hydro in open rooms. I have a friend who wants to grow in a tent in dirt pretty much like your set up.
    5. Flaming Pie
    6. sunni
      Haha you'll never guess what
    7. Pinworm
      <3 hai fp
      1. Flaming Pie likes this.
    8. thump easy
      thump easy
      let me get you male goji ill trade you any of my stock i cant pm you pm me..
    9. Flaming Pie
      Flaming Pie
      It's from Gaia Online. Before it got all weird and diverted from forums.
    10. Villane
      Is your avatar picture Ragnarok or Maple?
    11. Granny weed
      Granny weed
      Thank you it was worth the risk, but I know I don't have to tell you that! Won't be long now good luck x
    12. Me & My friend
      Me & My friend
      I think the Gecko uses the veins as a heating pad & giving blood is a piece of cake LOL!

      Have a good week!
    13. hereshegrows
      I've been wondering about you, make sure you update us with baby news...when you start seeing stars from things like bending over to pick something up, you are very close. Best of luck with everything!
    14. Whackojack

      "I can get you more pics of the girl on the bottom, but you didnt say you liked her"

      Hey man, been looking everywhere for more of this girl and then I found this old post of yours. Any chance you could help me out? lol
    15. Dr. Greenhorn
      Dr. Greenhorn
      You're an awesome chic flaming pie. I like that you're not afraid to speak your mind bongsmilie
    16. Flaming Pie
      Flaming Pie
      *ruffles your fur under the ears* :-P
    17. xKuroiTaimax
      You are allowed to pet my head and scratch me behind the ears, but be wary, I have a mate x
    18. xKuroiTaimax
      I just click on the Visitor Messages tab next to (username)'s Activity
    19. Flaming Pie
      Flaming Pie
      naw its cool... if i pet you... -.- is that like... inappropriate? lol
    20. xKuroiTaimax
      *whines* Just don't get the rolled-up newspaper, please... Not again... *hides face under paws*
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