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Apr 7, 2014
Aug 20, 2008
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Apr 7, 2014
    1. full of purple
      full of purple
      Rip bro
      Love the raiders
    2. thenotsoesoteric
      Rest well buddy. Always miss talking with you here on RIU.
    3. cadillacs
      Hey buddy jusy thinking about ya man, you'd be proud of me now !!! Got my medical and my personal production, wish you would have moved here to new mexico when I told you on the phone that day man.. rip:(
    4. shaymuny
      RIP raider... heartbreaking to hear this for sure but you will never be forgotten... always had a hand out for anyone that needed it... fine example of a good grower and an even better person!!
      1. cadillacs likes this.
    5. B166ER420
      I am thoroughly ashamed of myself im just reading this awful news.There are a lot of good dudes and dudettes on this site BUT Raiderman was one of the best.That's a fact.RIP brother.
      1. cadillacs likes this.
    6. papapayne
      WOW just read the news :( I once was gifted some seeds from raiderman, Some purple east coast diesel. Was a great grower, and an asset to our community. RIP
      1. cadillacs likes this.
      Raiderman is your OG Kush and OG 18 from seed or clone if from seed how long ago did u pop them were seeds from reserva pravada recent batch
      1. cadillacs
        Raider passed back in April but I believe he order the og 18 from Canada... A seed auction I believe. Very good taste and aroma..
        Jan 3, 2015
      Miss ya bro.
      1. ASMALLVOICE and cadillacs like this.
    9. LetsGetCritical
      This is sad news. Miss you mate
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    10. smoke and coke
      smoke and coke
      A great grower that i have learned a lot from. You will be missed rdr.
    11. Mr.Head
      Truly sad news, Raider was always super nice and willing to help, hope he rests in peace.
    12. greenghost420
      damn what a loss! rest easy raider!
    13. XerxesXRBTheta
      My name is XerxesXRB and Darrell was my cousin and brother. During the early morning hours of April 11th, 2014 my beloved cousin departed this plane of existence for the next. No note, no reason......just gone. Luckily his work in this forum lives on to help and guide those just getting wet in the business. Also a thanks to all who commented on his acumen and assistance. It is appreciated.
      1. SOMEBEECH
        Why RDR man Why,damn you will be ya Bro.
        You coulda called me,really hurts me.I hope your happy
        and may god bless your soul.
        Sep 2, 2014
      2. wyteberrywidow
        So sad to hear. I did not expect to hear this out of anything. Raiderman Darrel good brother you will be deeply missed here it was pleasure knowing you thru these forums.
        Sep 2, 2014
      He was a fine individual and was the very reason I started growing in the first place. Hands down the best grower this site will ever see.
      I am deeply saddened by this discovery.
      I will, without fail, dedicate my new grow to this fine example of a gentlemen whom always took time to help a noobie out.

      May You Find Eternal Peace My Brother.
      Until We Toke in the Hereafter.


    15. cadillacs
      Rest in peace raiderman! For you of those that don't know Darrel hill is his name and he committed suicide last week everyone. He was a good friend to me and a very experienced grower! Never had anything and I mean anything as good as he could grow and I've been all over the u.s. And south Americas too. You'll be missed d!
    16. maaf420
      Hey man, im in need of help and while browsing this forum i thought that you looked like someone that could help me. Could you please give me an email at [email protected] to continue this. Thanks a lot.
    17. scarelet
      Do you know much about TH seeds Buku? Or TH seeds in general?
    18. hockeyrichard
      bcseedking? is that another seedbank? ive got my options set to three. im picking two. Delicious seeds northern lights blue. eva seeds green love potion. and lady burn 1974 from greenhouse? hear anything good/bad about ladyburn? its suppose to be off the charts but its so cheap it scares me a bit according to herbies 21.8% thc up too 800 gpm2 9 wk flower. mostly indica and fems for 55$ a 10 pack! ive heard good things about green love potion too
    19. raiderman
      Yure in luck , bcseedking just dropped grand daddy purple fems few days ago .it says 10 for 75.00 and get 4 free of the same strain plus 5.00 for very discreet shipping .80.00 total, 80% indica.hope that helps.i'm growing some now and very pleased,been using them for 5 yrs never order picked up.peace.
    20. hockeyrichard
      Hey raider man thanks for the advice and wisdom on g13 hash plant. This run I only have about 100$ for beans, so no hash plant this time, is there any other strains ud recommend? Looking for a fem indica Dom or pure indica.
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