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2530 vs 3590 in a 4x4

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by Hydropat, Mar 18, 2017.


    Hydropat Member

    You're given a four-foot-square grow area. Select your build:

    Build #1 — 12 x CXB3590 3000k 90cri
    3 x HLG-185H-C1400B
    1400mA, ~56.4%, ~330PARW, ~21 PARW/sqft, ~$765

    Build #2 — 32 x CXB2530 3000k 90cri
    4 x HLG-185H-C700B
    700mA, ~49.1%, ~383PARW, ~24 PARW/sqft, ~$775​

    I feel like you guys will tell me to follow the first build's superior efficiency rather than the second build's extra 50 PARW and improved emitter distribution (32 vs 12 points). Am I wrong?

    And I hate to fan the flames of the color temperature debate, but I'm hoping to accomplish both veg and flower under the 90CRI 3000k chips. I've seen comments both supporting and refuting the viability of only using high-CRI chips for both phases. Reality?
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    Danielson999 Well-Known Member

    I would take build #2 all day. That would be crazy cool to see 32 cobs spread over a 4'x4' space. Become the scrog master and pull 2lbs. By the way I would have posted this earlier but it took me about 2 1/2 hours to do this drawing in mspaint. For the sake of argument, I'd tighten up that spread a bit so the cobs aren't so close to the wall.

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    Hydropat Member

    No worries, I've been jotting down COB arrangement sketches all week. Appreciate the response.

    I have HLG's quantum boards written down as an alternative to the 2530's... maybe I should take a closer look at them as well.

    Danielson999 Well-Known Member

    I'd get the QB's. Nobody wants to tap/drill heatsinks and mount 32 cobs. QB's you just mount to your heatsink and connect a few wires and fire it up.
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    frica Well-Known Member

    What heatsinks are you going to use?
    Will the 2530s have smaller heatsinks, or the same?
    The real truth is that light intensity is king and colour temp doesn't matter that much.

    Hydropat Member

    A big aluminum square plate. How thick? Don't know. 1/8"? Something like that. Four 50 CFM fans dumping air on the center of the top of the plate. An eyebolt in each corner for suspension, and a plastic sheet above the metal one to enclose the electrical.

    Is 8x QB288 at 1400mA overkill? I like overkill. I don't know the 561C S6 bin efficiency at 1.4, but assuming 50% efficiency that's ~17.5 PARW/sqft.

    Solid. I just saw the active thread about 3500k vegging, I'll happy forget the question and accept my new quantum overlords. I will add though, that a quantum board and some Luxeon Deep Red/Royal Blue would make for a sweet American flag grow light. Anyone?
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    frica Well-Known Member

    Well, if you use the same heatsink for the 3590s and 2530s then the 2530s should run a little cooler which puts their efficiency closer to the 3590.
    Can't say by how much though.

    QB288 at 1.4A is about 55-56% efficient.

    Should be around 950 PPFD, that's very good.

    Wouldn't go higher unless you also run CO2.
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    Hydropat Member

    Much appreciated; yeah, I'm probably going to run with six at 1400 or eight at 1050.

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