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3x3 1 plant Scrog Barney's Farm Pineapple Chunk , 700w+ LED/COB

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by Lite, Nov 5, 2017.


    Lite Well-Known Member

    Howdy hey,
    This is Barneys Farm - Pineapple Chunk grown from a clone.

    Advertised on breeders website as:

    Type: Feminised
    Photoperiod: Normal
    Cultivation: Indoor/outdoor
    Genetics: Pineapple x Skunk #1 x Cheese
    Effect: Powerful couch-lock effect
    Indoor Yield (g): 600 gr/m²
    Flowering Time (days): 55 - 60
    Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month: September
    Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month Week: 3rd-4th week

    Height (cm): 90/100cm
    Height Indoor (cm): 100cm
    Indica %: 80%
    Sativa %: 20%
    Medical: No
    Taste: Earthy cheese & skunk flavours energetically followed by a wonderful sweet pineapple aftershock
    Resistance to Mold (5=Best): 3
    Resistance Against Botrytis (5=Best): 3
    Resistance to Powdery Mildew (5=Best): 4
    Resistance to Spider Mite (5=Best): 3

    I am limited to the amount of plants I am able to grow, so I am experimenting with how much I can get from 1 plant, in 1 of my 3x3x5.5' tents.

    This is a pineapple chunk clone taken from a prior grow. I am running a 400w actualW cob (4 chip) with 2x mars300's. I have another 400w cob panel coming this week and will be adding it to the tent.

    Of course this is ebay COB/LED watt ratings, So i also have a wall outlet wattage meter coming tomorrow and I will be able to more accurately read the draw. Anyway. Heres some pictures of this 1 plant, please let me know what yall think. It had 6 weeks of veg and it is 1 week into 12/12 now.
    20171103_173938_preview.jpeg IMG_20171105_101244_preview.jpeg IMG_20171105_101257_preview.jpeg IMG_20171105_101306_preview.jpeg
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    Fl_twistinstank Member

    Looks good. I made the mistake of doing 3 plants in a 2x2x5 tent under 1 light. I' going to try something similar to this on my next grow

    Lite Well-Known Member

    20171018_194231_preview.jpeg 20171018_194247_preview.jpeg
    I have always used fox-farms liquid nutrients in the past, I have wised up and switched over to GH 3-part nutes with calimagic purely because they are just as good but 1/4 the price

    This is the mother that my big guy came from. I totally jacked the mother up by cutting out nitrogen too early aswell as flushing too early. Lessons were learned.

    Lite Well-Known Member

    Changed my other tents setup around, moved an additional 110w (actual watt) LED panel over to this tent. Current at estimated 300w~ ish actual power draw from LED panels and 400w from the COB panel.

    20171105_165625.jpg 20171105_165633.jpg 20171105_165644.jpg 20171105_165739.jpg

    and this last one is of my phone camera facing directly at the cob light. this is all the light that is penetrating the canopy.

    Attached Files:

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    Lite Well-Known Member

    20171106_184010_preview.jpeg 20171106_183927_preview.jpeg 20171106_184828_preview.jpeg WattageLED.jpeg Got my watt meter today! with ONLY the COB and 3 LED panels in that tent, This is my ACTUAL WATTAGE. Had fans unplugged during testing.

    A bit higher than I thought.
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    Lite Well-Known Member

    added another 400w (actual) cob assembly, removed the 200w blurple 1510095766079190198621.jpg panel.

    feeding her 2-3 gallons of water a day now and she's using every damn drop.

    Totalling 1018w in LED @ the outlet.
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    Lite Well-Known Member

    With 440cfm exhaust fan I should be cycling all air in the tent 8.9 times a minute. Currently my exhaust has been just a few feet away from the tent, now it is in the other room for testing, i think my problem is i have been pulling the exhaust back into the tent. I also enlarged the 4" round pipe intake to a 6" flexible pipe intake to relieve stress on the fan and allow faster air changes.
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    Delta-9Pyromaniac Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna take a seat here and watch what is going to be unraveling in the later months. Looking forward to detailed updates.

    Lite Well-Known Member

    image_921221_20171108_123032.jpeg at 1018w @ outlet, she seems to be responding just fine.

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    Lite Well-Known Member

    her soil is a little off today. 6.6ph and 1336ppm. watering with 5.2ph water to try to correct, will check her again later tonight.

    Lite Well-Known Member

    15101796635651893245479.jpg 151017937857065018213.jpg
    evening update. totally happy with how she looks, noticeable growth today. today is day 17 of 12/12
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    Lite Well-Known Member

    Update: up to 1148 WATTS 15101879242401253090926.jpg 1510188087084404172181.jpg 15101877143301877674667.jpg
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    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    My interest lately is small single plant grows that yield well my electric bill for the entire household is under $100.00 including both grows summer months when I use ac. it goes up considerably higher

    Lite Well-Known Member

    not the number of plants that matter. it's just hedging ur bets when u go for multiple plant grows.
    this 1 will yield more than my last grow of 4
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    Lite Well-Known Member

    1510272193363352266183.jpg 1510272239789608228075.jpg

    so far, she's lovin it
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    Dave455 Well-Known Member


    Lite Well-Known Member

    well yeah, but what happens if you triple that?

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing we're gonna find out lol...
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    Lite Well-Known Member

    tis the point good sir!
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    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    should slow the stretch & make denser buds as well as larger in size possibly 2 liter soda pop bottle size buds

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