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    Mikka the Ent

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    Got my 4x2 Vivosun tent all set up with two GH Waterfarms, seedlings growing away in rooter plugs and just waiting for the third set of leaves to put them in the Waterfarms. I've done a ton of reading and I'm really looking forward to doing my first test grow.

    This first time I consider a throwaway because I used bagseed from a med 1/8th buy that wasn't supposed to have seeds but did (Grand Master Kush). I want to experiment with these and learn, then bring in the expensive seeds in two months for my first real grow.

    Thanks to all the advisers here on Rollitup, I haven't participated much but I've read a lot and I appreciate the years of growing wisdom in these forums.

    motoracer110 Well-Known Member

    Right on good luck on your adventure. Sometimes the expensive seeds are more easy to grow being mold resistant and more disease resilient strains. You could also get a nice strain mother plant and keep taking cuttings off her to use and get your technique down as well.

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