anyone tried original sensible seeds?

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    Ordered some Dark devil, from sweet seeds, this beautifull plant. I had to harvest it earlier because of mold, but she was becoming like in the picture. I'm thinking to order again. Also the have really good bonuses. I took the free shipping method, and it was quite fast and stealth, no problems at the border or anything. Happy customer.
    P.S. You have to try Dark devil, very fruity and sweet. I loved it!
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    Dark devil looks good. Going to have to try it
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    Last one I grew some leaves turned black

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    I have a few friends that have ordered and recommended and who had a great experience with them.
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    I have used ossc and have nothing but good things to say about them, I ordered about 180 bucks worth of seeds and the stealth shipping , They sent them out just fine. They were out of dinafem road runner #2 when they shipped and they sent me them a few days later separate from my main order, they went through chicago customs and arrived just fine in a timely manner. My blue auto mazar and my purple kush seeds were damaged during shipping and arrived crushed. I sent them an email and received one back within a day, Was told to take a few pics of them in the packaging and send them to them. They replaced my seeds and sent me a few more freebies for the trouble. A total of 3 packages have been sent to me from them and they all got here just fine :) Yes I would recommend them for your order.

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    Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk Auto Autoflowering Feminised Seeds Info

    Due to the instantaneous demand and proven success of our Incredible Bulk, everyone at Team Krippling knew this Auto variety had to be created.

    Bred to be an incredibly quick and heavy-weight performer, this autoflowering plant does not dissapoint.

    It's all about the weight. And no wait. And no trouble.

    Almost impossible to hurt this plant - it can take a huge range of ph / nutrient fluctuations, withstands extremes in heat and moisture, and joyfully devours any CO2 enhancement. This plant mutates and adapts to its environment - one perfectly grown, big plant can produce upto the same yield of upto twenty plants of normal size. Monstrous size plants and flowers are to be expected, especially if they get frustratingly hot and angry in a greenhouse during the height of summer.


    Genetic origin: Big Bud x Green Spirit x SuperSkunkx Auto
    Medical use: Pain relief, Stress relief

    I want to tell you friendly advice about this Dr. Kripplink Incredible Bulk Autoflowering Feminised seed: I reared this seeds outside and I was impressed after 2 months (about 60 days). This plant was about 0.8 - 1.2 meters... harvest time I had strong and gentle relaxing marijuana.

    New product from: <~ I subscribed here. [many free seeds and big discount, a lot of stock and great gifts].
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    I ordered 5 autofem seeds and had them (along with 3 FREE fem auto seeds!) FIVE DAYS from the day they were shipped! One of the seeds didn't germ, but I can't say anything since I got 5 EXCELLENT autofem seeds for $30 USD with FREE shipping. Highly reccommend this seed bank.
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    I'm curious to know how the Auto Black JH turned out???

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    I just ordered from and they arrived 3 weeks later. They sent me 10 fake nirvana seeds and 10 of their own freebies. The nirvana seeds were packaged in a cardboard souvenir container that said nirvana and almost looked like the real nirvana logo but on the back of the package was a website to, as we all know this is not the actual breeders website. The nirvana seeds are definitely bogus so I will assume the freebies are too. Really sucks as I just want to find some dank. I also tried marijuana seeds-nl and received them in 8 days but I have my doubts that these seeds are real after reading other grow reports. Most people seem to get plants that never bud from this place or are simply just industrial hemp. These are the only two banks that I've tried and I won't try anymore from overseas. By the time I add up my losses it would have been cheaper to fly to a more progressive state and purchase seeds face to face from a dispensary. This experience also makes me wonder about the numerous raving reviews from some of these overseas seed bankks. I mean are all u people full of shit or do these seed banks only send out real seeds to half of their US orders in order to generate some positive reviews. I know I was ripped off by them and will stick to bagseed while I search for a dispensary that I can get cheap flights to.

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    I was thinking of going with Tutankhamon this time from Original Seeed store this time. Thoughts? Reviews of strains on OSSS site are all messed up.
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    Go to Herbies.


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