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Are There Medical Marijuana Jobs?

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by 420NateF, Apr 7, 2017.


What experience is most appealing to the medical marijuana industry?

  1. Customer Service

  2. Management

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  3. College Education

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  4. Prior Work Experience


    420NateF New Member

    My name is Nathaniel D. Foss and I am a dedicated, organized, self-driven individual seeking the opportunity to grow with a company and learn as much as I can about the medical uses of cannabis. I will be graduating on May 6, 2017, and I am willing to move anywhere within the state of Michigan immediately after that date. I am currently 21 years of age with a medical marijuana recommendation (waiting on my hard card in the mail) and have no past convictions, arrests, or felonies.

    Cannabis is my passion, and I am driven to learn everything about the plant and patient care. I want to be a guide in helping patients find alternatives to treatments. What separates me from most other candidates is my desire to help people. I am not entering the medical marijuana movement to solely make money; I am entering it because I have had past experiences in which made me realize that I have a purpose within this world, and that is to help others.

    Some Questions I have:
    Within Michigan, what is the best job title to pursue in order to get into the marijuana industry?
    What city has the most opportunity for a new future graduate like myself?
    And obviously, are their dispensaries hiring? Or is it better to try and become a caretaker?

    I am willing to send my resume to anyone interested in looking at my past work experience with companies such as The Walt Disney Company and Ferris State University. I will be graduating with a bachelor's degree in marketing with a minor in advertising.

    Resinxtractor Well-Known Member

    Ya Bess do more research homie. The only jobs are being a grey area caregiver right now. The above the table corporate facist system that is coming won't even have any saleable product till late 2018 early 2019. You cannot even apply for a lisence till mid December this year and pay out the ass just to apply. Better get the big bottle of lube your going to need it. Oh yeah and ya Bess be able to pass a drug test this includes cannabis even if you have your psudo medical marijuana card. Cuz no one is going to hire you.... Seriously you think there going to hire stoners to operate a million dollar grow facility. With a $30,000 electric bill every month. I remember Adam Dunn of thseeds saying he won't hire stoners as well. Not to mention it's still fucking illegal as fuck! Better get used to having large amounts of cash on hand. You can't put it in the bank, you will be paid in cash and if your bank finds out you work for a marijuana business your account will be terminated.
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    420NateF New Member

    Thank you for your input, I can see how it can be very hard in Michigan. The only solution I can see is to work hard and build a name for yourself. I am not trying to get into the growing aspect as much as I want to get into the business side of it, which is difficult. Thanks again.

    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    Well @420NateF , as of right now, there are a number of dispensaries operating outside of what is technically allowed under the mmma. You can apply to be a "budtender" at any of them. It is best to apply in person. Come late this year, or early next year, when the 4209 licenses are being given out, you may find some jobs with whoever scores some of those licenses. There will be a number of jobs, but getting into one of those companys will be another task in itself, given the nature of the business. I wouldnt expect alot of pay either, the typical trimmers should make around 10-14 bucks an hour, bud tenders could expect about the same. Right now tho, your best bet is to apply to a store front in detroit or ann arbor. Good luck

    green_machine_two9er Well-Known Member

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    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    Not every facility will be a corporate shit house, not every job will pay min wage either . There will be jobs to be had, ladders to work up...and new waters to navigate. I wish everyone the best, bit it is sad. A way of life for many people, will be coming to an end within the next decade..sad indeed.

    Fozze Well-Known Member

    420nate, what the fella's say above is true-ish. One thing going to point out is that the new dispensary system is somewhat designed to destroy the caregiver system. Most license classes require employment or ownership by/from a caregiver with two years minimum experience. The hidden intent is to take caregivers out of the game and atrophy the old system away. The benefit is that caregivers with experience are going to have job potential, however, the whole compassion thing kind of goes out the window. In your case, you won't have the requisite experience to be that "one guy", but there will be trimming, tracking, and transport jobs. Honestly though, enforcement of this whole law will offer more job opportunity. Good luck

    CaliSmokes Well-Known Member

    Got tits?

    Don't expect to get a budtending job, matter of fact don't expect to a job at a collective period unless you're an attractive female. They don't give a fuck about any of what you mentioned. That's about it, nobody is going to hire you onto a farm, you're kind of late into the game. Moving to try to get a Cannabis job is a bad idea. If you're really passionate, forget about working for some else. You seem to be smart, grab some land, put some plants on it, get some friends networking, and bam, you're in the Cannabis Business. And Bam the Feds are kicking in your front door.

    This is all my personal experience here in Cali, don't know if Michigan follows the same bum fuck collective rules.

    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    Tits and a pretty face do help ...more than experience.
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    TATTOODETROIT Well-Known Member

    Good luck on your search Nate!
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    brownbusta Well-Known Member

    LoLz good thread nonetheless. I learned 1) How many licenses will be given out 2) Requirements for #1 and.... 3) Glad I'm not "late in the game" This was all harsh, but true info. The promising part is if you're ambitious this could easily be you with time. People die, get tired of growing, get their doors kicked in by the feds, etc., but someone has to take their place. Good luck dude.

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