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Arthritis and Topical oil?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by sworth, Jan 20, 2018.


    sworth Well-Known Member

    I have a friend who's developing arthritis, so I was thinking of donating my trim oil, mixing it up with some coconut oil, for her to apply direct on to her knuckles etc.
    Some advice on it's efficacy (Oo! Nice word!) and the oil to coconut ratio who be splendiferous (Oo! Another one!)
    Was also thinking that a fresh fan leaf smoothies isn't going to hurt?...

    All thoughts welcome, and given a nice cup of tea :wink:

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    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    I make the best oil from the best buds and no amount of it rubbed on to my skin with coconut oil provides any relief.
    fresh leaves/buds make my stomach curl and never provided any relief for symptom.

    Ingesting it is effective, dosing is difficult for some
    concentrate mixed with dmso is immediately effective in topical applications. no idea of safety.
    I'd donate buds to your friend and advise an Arizer vaporizer for great arthritic relief(works for me very well)
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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    slow drawl

    slow drawl Well-Known Member

    Hey @sworth
    I suffer from arthritis in most of my joints especially my wrists and knees, and have been trying various remedies with my weed. I smoke potent stuff daily from morning to nite and don't get any real relief...takes the edge off.
    I think I'd pass on the smoothie as well. If your friend were close by I'd give her a jar to try.
    Myself and others that use my concoction get a fair amount of relief from it. I will start by saying I make my own RSO and use it in this recipe. This would be very costly to make if you had to buy your RSO at this dosage. It's some strong shit and I probably go overboard with it (but it works).

    1 oz Bees Wax
    2 oz Shea Butter
    2 oz Coconut Oil
    3 Tbsp Grape seed Oil
    1 Tbsp Almond Oil
    20 drops Lavender Oil
    10 drops Tea Tree Oil
    4 grams RSO
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    Anothermeduser Well-Known Member

    I make and use hash capsules and root powder capsules for my arthritis, i have pretty bad case from a old injury though. Only stuff that really works for me. Smoking does nothing for the arthritis
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    My Name is Mike

    My Name is Mike Member

    Do you have a process to follow to dry and powder up your roots?

    Anothermeduser Well-Known Member

    I clean them as im using coco, i just go with the main root ball cause its easy, wash them off, cut them down a bit, they dry quick in a few days, then grind them up in a cofee grinder and pack in capsules, very simple and straight forward.

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