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bad taste on big hit!

Discussion in 'The Glass House' started by Saitek, Aug 26, 2012.


    Saitek Well-Known Member

    when i hit hard with my bong it leaves a bad taste of smoke for a long time in my moyth why?
    i have a black leaf elite 6 arm and black leaf precooler and 18,8 > 14,4 diffuser and small bowl
    strain white widow/ pure
    dank smoker420

    dank smoker420 Well-Known Member

    do you clean your bong? and change out the water atleast daily?

    Saitek Well-Known Member

    yes its clean and fresh !

    SkyZUU Active Member

    hahah . Dude , if you love your bong . You will clean it daily . A clean bong is a happy bong, happy weed, and happy smoker .
    dank smoker420

    dank smoker420 Well-Known Member

    do you burn to much of you weed at first? i if i do not move the flame over the bowl nicely when i take my hit i get to much smoke at first and it kind of ruins the hit for me. i also get a weirder taste if i blow it out fast.

    gaztron3030 Active Member

    did you dry it properly and cure it?

    Saitek Well-Known Member

    yes its very dry 6 month in vaze :)

    gaztron3030 Active Member

    could have mold or be too dry then?

    kgp Well-Known Member

    Take lots of little hits.

    Tebin Member

    I have a 24 inch HBG with a 20 arm perc and I get the same problem. You are milking the bowl for waaaaay to long and that taste is resin build up. Does it coats your tongue,nostrils and throat in a nasty stale smoke taste? If so welcome to the world of Iron Lungs. The only way to fix this is to,(A.) take a smaller hit(like a puss) or (B.) deal with the taste.lol

    CrownMeKing Active Member

    ^what he said, ive had this happen so much its basically resin all in ur mouth. After id spit from this itd be tinted brown or black. fuckin disgusting

    VLRD.Kush Well-Known Member

    That shit is gross. I always find myself not knowing what to do lol. Do I run to the bathroom with this shit in my mouth and try to spit it out, or do I get it out fast and just swallow it. I usually just run to the bathroom with a goofy face and spit it out.

    maybe one of these would help?? http://www.rollitup.org/medicating/558127-carbon-filters-bongs.html#post7927778

    futureprospects Active Member

    is the bud leafy ? that can usually lead to harsh hits?

    Saitek Well-Known Member

    no its clear bud !

    dankshizzle Glassblowing Moderator

    It's the lighter fluid. Use bee line.

    Saitek Well-Known Member

    i use bee line bro :)

    dvs1038 Well-Known Member

    How they hell do u cure weed in a vase? Last time I checked it needed to be sealed to cure weed. And does it mean that I'm getting old the fact that I have no fucking clue wtf a black leaf elite 6 arm and black leaf precooler and 18,8,14,4 diffuser and small bowl. I mean I've been smoking weed for around 20yrs now off and on since I was 13 but WTF is this? 18,8, 14,4 WTF? 6 arm? is that supposed to be a houkah, they y not just fuckin say that. precooler, diffuser. Ur smoking weed right?

    Lemme make this really simple. Take some weed, now I like to bust out some lil scissors and cut up my herb so I get a nice burn. Pack a nice fat bowl, maybe throw a lil hash on it or opium is always fun, get ur lighter. Now u light the motherfucker and inhale, fucking job done. And I did all that without 6 arms growing out my ass and no precooler sticking out of my dickhole, u don't even wanna know where the diffuser went.
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    dababydroman Well-Known Member

    somestrains are probably just harsher.

    Saitek Well-Known Member

    after harvest and drying about 15 days i was curing in vase for about 6 months for extra flavor , a black leaf elite 6 arm and diffusser bowls e.t.c are bong and accessories
    almost similar

    gaztron3030 Active Member

    the extra flavour you got is what you should expect! that sounds way too dry, 6 months in an open container..........?

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