Best Seed Bank for delivering to US?

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    vertnugs Well-Known Member

    AND if interested the Blizzard Bush also has TC/HPK in it.

    @redzi if you also dig bodhi you might wanna check out the description on the Blizzard Bush.
    Monster Man

    Monster Man Well-Known Member

    I have grown Hollyweed(hollywood pure kush x 88g13hp) from bodhi and it was very potent night time shit. It had a lemon lime smell to it with very gassy undertones. I' tempted to try some S1's but I' hoping Stardawg crosses from the original clones or the S1's are released.
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    jayblaze710 Well-Known Member

    Hollyweed is definitely on my list of Bodhi strains I want to grow. Ended up going with Black Triangle, and figured one OG x HP was good for the time being. I’m sure I’ll be picking up the HPK version before too long.
    Monster Man

    Monster Man Well-Known Member

    I want some black triangle but I already have enough Greenpoint and Bodhi gear to last a while now. I kind of want to snag up some Evergreen from Greenpoint before it' gone for good.
    Monster Man

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    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member

    DC Seed exchange and Southern Oregon seeds both have excellent fast and reliable service.

    antonioverde Well-Known Member

    15% off at great lakes genetics plus breeder promos live now till 420.
    Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Well-Known Member

    Sure they're cheap, but the terms feminized, Nirvana, and good; never appear in the same sentence together. Nirvana has one of the worst reps around when it comes to fem seeds.

    Also, remember that you do not have to worry about your order getting seized by customs if you buy from a US seedbank. How many weeks/months will you lose waiting for a second package to arrive if the first one is intercepted? How much is that peace of mind worth?

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