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Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Traxx187, Feb 23, 2016.


    madininagyal Well-Known Member

    In twizzler And blue twizzler you Will fin à guava phéno fi sure, sweet guava Jam like smell

    LSD-25 Well-Known Member

    I got 6 beans left... I will mess with this Fall, twizzler and O'doyle Rules!!!!!! lol

    bigworm6969 Well-Known Member

    I think its peyote purple
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    Sassafras¥ Well-Known Member

    Oh ok cool. It sure is a beautiful strain.. I checked out Oregon Elite and it's not showing any of the strains you previously listed in their stock? Have you made that drop, or still in the works? I'd love to work with the PP & also any other strain that has some color to um.

    Sassafras¥ Well-Known Member

    Like to really try out that BEP also.. the Blackcherry Creme x BEP sound like a good one aswell. Can't wait to work with those 2 to 3..
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    needsomebeans Well-Known Member

    Purple Voodoo might tickle your fancy. IMG_1099.PNG

    Sassafras¥ Well-Known Member

    Oh hell yeah... I'd love to try her out.. just can't find her in stock.. lol. I checked on OES. No luck. Any suggestions? Thanks bro.

    BushMaster15 Well-Known Member

    Can't find this info anywhere.. About how long is the flowering time of the Blue Matter and the Yeti x Prime Glue x Tight Dojo?
    The Y x PG x TD is looking great!
    We Can Make Sandwiches

    We Can Make Sandwiches Well-Known Member

    my Prime Crystal f1 popped 4/4 (only had 4 left)
    cant say the same for black cherry dojo f2, 0/6 & 0/2 on black cherry creme (really wanted those BCC to come thru.. scuffed em vigorously loll) will update when I got something to look at.

    gooeybreeder Active Member

    Maybe something like these might be something of interest to you folks. Pure, real purples needing no cool temps or age to color. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Midnight Snow and an older line Goothunder, which we are bringing back.

    Diskokobaja Well-Known Member

    That midnight snow is dooooopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :weed::weed::weed::weed:
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    bigworm6969 Well-Known Member

    man those are Purdy I haven't got to run any of ur gear gooeybreeder I need to you got sum pretty purps, do you know what they test at im trying to get a true purple over 30 percent this year im gonna send all my stuff to dc for testing cause I know the double purple dojo x blackcherry dojo is sum fire man I got one in flower right now im gonna get it tested, wont be long now for the drop im just waiting on sum fancy jars and tamper proof stickers trying to make shit legit but im shooting for next week so hang in there with me oes and dcseedexchange will have my gear thanks to all my rollituppers I know I haven't spent much time here lately but im plaining on starting a site of my own so hopefully everyone will join me thanks and much luv

    bigworm6969 Well-Known Member


    BushMaster15 Well-Known Member

    Blue matter and Yeti x Prime Glue x Tight Dojo buds are starting to swell.. Only about 4 weeks in.. This is going to be a long wait!

    Attached Files:

    We Can Make Sandwiches

    We Can Make Sandwiches Well-Known Member

    managed to get 1 black cherry dojo f2 to sprout

    also got afew Prime Crystal F1's goin good.

    never managed to get any Black Cherry Creme to pop. It is what it is.:eyesmoke:

    Sassafras¥ Well-Known Member

    Ok hell 2 da yeah!!! So the 1st picture is the Midnight Snow correct? Daummmm.... so you said you guys are bring her back, if so when will this shiznit take place bro?
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    Sassafras¥ Well-Known Member

    Sounds good bro. Thanks 4 the info. You got that right, I'd be your 1st loyal customer if and when you get up and going on your own site.... are you talking about like a fourm, or more along the lines of your own bank site? Also if you are leaning towards a fourm site, would you have your elite members that are testers for you? I'd love to be in on something of that nature.... (: wicky wicky... heck yeah, waiting on that drop hommie... can't wait to score me something with Cherry up in it...
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    BushMaster15 Well-Known Member

    Couldn't help it.. Had to post a few more pics of my budlets.. They're about halfway through!

    Attached Files:


    BushMaster15 Well-Known Member

    This is my first indoor grow in a loooong time. Seeing these plants flower and the different members greenhouse pictures is making me wish I had a spot to run an outdoor crop. But unfortunately I don't know this county very well at all. I don't want to risk someone finding a pitch or two.

    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    I had to reveg this Tight Dojo pheno because the taste and high was as amazing as the macro shots, seen here.. Real Happy to say I'm liking the expressive outcomes of the gear @bigworm6969, as well as their germ rates.

    Started some baby Prime Glues and they're looking good too.

    Here's a quick Repost, it cured up crazy..

    Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 9.14.38 PM.png

    This is just a screen shot of a screen shot and its still amazing AF, lol
    Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 10.08.05 PM.png

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