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    And it also looks Fire.

    apbx720 Well-Known Member

    Damn bro that legend ogĂ— sl looks flame! Who'd a thunk there'd be purple phenos. Well i for 1 didnt. Might have to wet my pack. Nice job w em brother.
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    SAM_0709 (2).JPG

    So these are Acapulco Gold at 68 days of flower. 2 more weeks should finish them. They already have mostly milky trichomes, saw one amber. One on the left is stunted due to cat eating the top off in veg.

    No weight to the 'buds' wispy little things. Mostly just little leaves and pistils with few calyxes. Old time structure. The leaves turn gold when starting to die, more than other strains. The odor is very light and not sweet, maybe musty would describe it.

    You can see some tape on the stems as I kept bending and sometimes breaking the stems to keep height down. Never killed any branches but got a little close and taped them up A guy named Greywolf gave these to Liquid Kid who gave them to Bodhi. They seem to be the real deal. Growing these at high elevation-over 5000 feet- would be the best way to get the legendary soaring effects, but I have to settle with a 10,000K finisher fluoro light and a bit of lizard cfl. Used white LED for most of flower and all veg.

    littlegiant Well-Known Member

    More Green Lotus. Large heavy nugs. Shit pics again!:peace:

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    MHP day 28
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    full shot - not much stretch. maybe 2.5 - 3 ft height on all 3

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    Hey hillbill, i seen you mention LST for space monkey a couple of times, but no mention of topping. would you recommend against it for SM?

    @dirtyshawa it looks like you did top yours, how do you think it took it?

    mine are 3 weeks old and im about to top them or just tie them if that's whats good.
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    If you are referring to the NextLight LED veg8's I concur. I just bought one of these to replace my 8 tube florescent fixture and I couldn't be more happy. I also have a couple of the Nextlight Mega's which are their commercial models with a 5x5 footprint and they are fucking baller. My last run of 8 goji's in my 5x5 tent yielded right around 2lbs. Not bad for 625 watts and very manageable heat output. I slacked on training the goji's and they got pretty wild and grew right into the LED panel and showed almost no signs of heat stress or light bleaching. Can't recommend the NextLight guys enough, their LED's are legit.

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    Is the Blueberry Hill the one using DJ Shorts blueberry or the "Blueberry Indica" mom that went out as freebies a year or so ago? How are the terps on her? I have several packs of blueberry snow (the freebies) and have wanted a good blueberry representation in my garden for ole time sake.
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    I'm looking at that 5x5 setup. Just imagine if you put 4 more plants in there.

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Yes, I top most if I don't miss. They really are nicely branched. I'll run again and may f2 itor x it with a Gorilla Bubble. I top one time and I do it at about 2 or 3 nodes a couple or 3 weeks before flower. Makes buds everywhere on most strains and huge trunks.

    jpdnkstr Well-Known Member

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe the Blueberry Hill uses DJ Short's Blueberry and Blueberry snow uses an undisclosed blueberry indica.

    northeastmarco Well-Known Member

    Finally found a pink lotus with a bonus pack. IMG_3300.JPG

    torontoke Well-Known Member

    Dank Sinatra f2's
    From basement dank genetics
    Day 30
    image.jpeg image.png image.png

    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    Auction central I see ya playa
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    MojoRizing Well-Known Member

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    MojoRizing Well-Known Member

    If you get a Mega I don't think you will be disappointed. I have been blown away so far by the results I have seen.

    Shit 4 more plants and it would have looked like a jungle in there. I would have had to fight off viet cong to water the plants :eyesmoke:
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    torontoke Well-Known Member

    Thank you sir
    I'm more then pleased already :hump:
    This is my first run with these. I'm going to top the hell out of it next run

    MojoRizing Well-Known Member

    I just looked at my seed collection and I have a blueberry mountain along with the blueberry snow and both are listed as the blueberry indica. So I think:

    Blueberry Hill = DJ Short Blueberry x Appalachia
    Blueberry Mountain = Blueberry Indica x Appalachia
    Blue Lotus = DJ Short Blueberry X Snow Lotus
    Blueberry Snow = Blueberry Indica x Snow Lotus

    MojoRizing Well-Known Member

    Any pheno's catching your attention as a possible keeper?
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    torontoke Well-Known Member

    I only popped 5 but both females are near identical. The one in the pic is a lil smaller but smells amazing. I took a cut of both but will definately "keep" the one in the pic.
    She took well to being topped twice so I'm going to veg her longer and train her more.

    I just switched my old light out for a diy quantum board before this crop and the goji x ds got burnt and I needed to triple up on the calmag.
    She's pulling through tho now.
    This is also from basement dank.

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