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    How long did your SL take from flip? Any problems with intersex plants?
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    so that SSDD i reported that had a piss smell to it - i'm happy to report that the harvest has started its cure and smells great when i open the jar now. it's always surprising to me when you cut a girl down and her smells change over time but more so when it is an offensive smell in the beginning that changes over to a "nice" smell. she has a sweet smell to her that is almost a skunk smell now and i'm digging her. but i still am not sorry i don't have clones of her because she did stink when chopped. i prefer the SSDD that has the blueberry/coffee smell to her the most (as far as SSDD smells).

    this round is almost done and i'm taking another break, i think... i can't decide if i want to run perpetually again or not! i do love my constant supply of Bodhi.

    MojoRizing Well-Known Member

    Can't remember if you post pics or not but if you do can you post some pics of your keeper pheno of SSDD? As someone who has grown out as many SSDD plants as you have I would love to see the one that got your attention.

    1kemosabe Well-Known Member

    ^^^^ X 2. What he said. :mrgreen:
    Freedom farmer 420

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    One pheno "think it leaned Snow Lotus heavy was good at 63 days the other around 75. I had some nanners on one plant.but I believe that was due to the High heat in the room. All the phenos other times I ran it they were great. But i only remember the last two's flower pull dates. Wish i had all the info still. I ended up with 7 girls outta my pack. All different. Good smoke and Great Rosin
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    ibitegirls Well-Known Member

    i'm taking next 4 months off, its going to be one hot ass summer and i have no interest in baby sitting a grow haha
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    Freedom farmer 420

    Freedom farmer 420 Well-Known Member

    I hear ya I live in the deep South about as deep as u can get and it's always hits triple digits and the humidity is ridiculous. I'm always fighting temps but I'm trying to save up and get a portable ac and kick this summer's ass. I'm gonna have my room rockin at 75 so my babies will be nice and comfortable

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    I feel ya bro, I live in the Deep South.. summer is brutal and never seems to end. :cuss:
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    Remove if not allowed, I started a bodhi Facebook group and will be doing a giveaway ! I'll be giving away 3 sour butter x 88g13hp and 3 black triangle when we reach 100 members! Search bodhi genetics Appreciation Society! Thanks everyone, I'm trying to get more bodhi onto Facebook as I'm not much of an instagram guy
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    thanks, guys. i've posted some SSDD before in this thread, but have been kind of quiet on the picture posting front lately. the pack i recently popped--i'm down to my last two girls (which i do have clones of) plus have a few more seedlings that are vegging, so i hope to have some pictures of a keeper soon!:weed:
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    That was fast ! Next giveaway at 500 members ! Only bodhi genetics !

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    To all those worried about summer temps, search "window ac box" you can turn a relatively cheap 6 or 8,000 btu window unit into a remote ducted unit.

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    you did chose to move/live, in the u.s., as far south to the equater as possible. :rolleyes:
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    Yeah moved here in 2000, from Indiana.. Crazy cuz I hate the heat..:?
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    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    Good Morning Rollituppers. :cool:

    A couple of my Dream Beaver keepers.

    This one was grown in a fresh batch of soil. I've since made adjustments to my amendments and things have improved. The first batch left everyone looking hungry.
    DSCN4125 (4).JPG

    DSCN4130 (3).JPG


    DSCN4165 (5).JPG

    And one of my keeper Goji Ogs. (smells like strawberry bubblicious gum)
    DSCN4141 (2).JPG

    And one of my SSDD keepers. This is the shorter one that can be a bit finicky. Hates to be over-watered! Smells like hot butter and berries. I really love her :weed:

    DSCN4164 (2).JPG

    Hope everyone's having a great weekend bongsmilie
    Freedom farmer 420

    Freedom farmer 420 Well-Known Member

    They say u get use to it but that's a lie ive lived here my whole life done roofing and sheet metal and construction andd I'm still not use to it u just tolerate it out of necessity
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    I got some great phenos of ssdd and soul mate. The ssdd have that blueberry scent to them both and they are frosting up nice early in flower also!!! I think I asked this before but what are some characteristics of the ssdd? My phenos are one short a stout plant that is a indica looking for sure and the other is a bigger plant that stretch more that the smaller one.

    ray098 Well-Known Member

    Looks good
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    Observe & Report

    Observe & Report Well-Known Member

    What kind of smells do you get off the Dream Beaver in flower and when dried?
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