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Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Digital Chronic, Jan 10, 2017.

    Digital Chronic

    Digital Chronic New Member

    So I am at the last part of my first grow and because they were stunted in the beginning cause the first month of veg was under 16 w LED and switched to 400 watt HID (MH veg for a month, HPS after switching to flower) and I didnt give them nutrients or anything (just watered and put it Miracle Grow in buckets that dont drain at the bottom like I was told I should) I'm probably will only going to have maybe 10 gs dry. So heres the thing, buds on different parts of the plant are maturing at different rates and I cut just the top cola off cause it looked ready and its probably a 2.5-3 gram nug dried. I put it in a tray in my closet which is probably 67-72 degrees (what I got from my thermometer) but Im not sure what the humidity is, it is winter and its next to the window. Its completely dark in this closet and I had no fan on the bud. Did it dry so fast cause its only one bud? It's like kind of crispy and not not as sticky as bud I buy on the street and still smells like wet grass (though way less) and the stem snaps from light bending. I've got it curring in a jar right now, am I doing things right and the bud will get fluffy after the cure and smell like gas? It was sour diesel seeds and when it first started flowering my fingers would smell like straight dank when I touched the buds but now it doesnt really smell like that at all. Will that come back after the cure? I'm going to dry and cure my buds and harvest them as they mature so if I fuck up one batch I can get it right by the time they're all done.

    The bud looks fantastic, its just the slight crisp and grass smell that worries me. Looks just like the diesel my plug gets from Oregon. I did trim it before I dried it.

    hantastic1 Active Member

    Put it in a jar with a boveda pack. It could dry out and smell better after a lil cure
    Digital Chronic

    Digital Chronic New Member

    Should I not water for a day before I start cutting buds off? Will that have an effect?

    aquadel Well-Known Member

    Hmmm kinda noticing something similar buds smell has dropped off a bit in just over 48hrs itssss not very far off being smokable I'm considering jaring it a bit early to sweat it and keep some smell in there :S

    Samno Member

    I like to stop watering about 3 days before, then I keep them in the dark for 24h and harvest that way they dry a bit quicker. I found that the grassy smell comes from putting in the curing jar to early, once you crush the bud to smoke the smell with come through

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