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    SmokingBull Member

    Hey, all. I'll be moving to CO real soon and am exploring some options.

    I've got friends in the industry, so eventually working in the industry is an option I'm considering. Of course, you need a "badge" and since I don't see a thread discussing it, I thought I'd make one.

    Here's a link to the application:

    I'm pretty nervous about gathering all this deeply personal info and just handing it to a beuraucrat with no provision of confidentiallity (in fact, if I understand it right, this info will readily be made avialable to any government agency that bothers to ask).

    Anyway on to my specific question:
    You have to list all arrests for the last 10 years along with their dispositions, and any drug offenses ever. I got pinched a few times in the mid-90's for 420 possession: one misdemeanor (<20g) and one felony (>20g). The misdemeanor, I completed probation with "adjudication witheld". The felony charge was dropped upon completion of a program.
    * Will having drug charges preclude me from getting my badge? This all happened ~15 years ago.
    * Am I expected to have documentation for the dispositions of these? I'd rather find out now so I can go the courthouse while in town rather than trying to do it all from Colorado later.

    Thanks for any help on this.
    chef c

    chef c Well-Known Member

    Great question man, I'm sure someone here can help!!!

    farmerEd Active Member

    Have you had them expunged?

    SmokingBull Member

    No. That doesn't matter. It's pretty clearly stated that you must list ALL arrests, whether expunged or not.

    farmerEd Active Member

    Ok, just trying to ask a question man lol...good luck :roll:

    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    well, mine went back 23yrs and i didn't bother listing it. they never saw/found it. it may be hit and miss, depending on technology, law enforcement relationships between states and the time involved. mine was far back that i don't know if it's even in a searchable database.

    jacfolly1 Member

    Does it not say to list all arrest in the past 10 years only? list what it says to list. They did'nt say go back 15 years did they?

    doogleef Well-Known Member

    I've seen ads for places looking for badged employees. Is the pay any good?

    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    @ $12/hr give or take

    spl1 Well-Known Member

    If you owe back taxes, have a tax lien of any kind at the federal level, behind in student loans or have a state after you for back child support it will stop you from getting a working permit. this only applies to the MMJ work. This does not apply for sales of cigarettes, alcohol, or any of the pharmacy or pharmaceutical manufacturing jobs located here in Colorado.

    LOL go figure right

    FreeRangeZombie Active Member

    Just talked to a girl from the indispensory about that today and she said you have to go to Denver to get your mmj employee badge to either work at a dispensory grow or dispensory itself. I also heard f you ever had a felony or been in jail you cannot get one.

    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    correct on all accounts. add in that they aren't making appts for badges until Feb, and it means .... if you ain't got one now ..... you are waiting till spring to even go through the process .... minimum

    FreeRangeZombie Active Member

    Hey eyecandi my buddy just got hired at trichrome and he doesn't have his employee badge yet(but in the process of getting it) and the guy didn't sound too worried about it and told him that he can help him get it if needed.. if he can't get one til spring wouldn't that mess it up ? I am gonna call about this tommarrow to find out for shore.

    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    the MMED is (from my understanding) allowing folks to work if they have an appointment, but it also dependant on the dispensary and their lawyer. I know a couple peeps working without badges too. but try calling for an appt :(

    disposition84 Well-Known Member

    We got a few without badges who don't have appointments either. Lawyer told us not to worry and just take a few steps:

    1. Make sure they're completely eligible to your knowledge of no previous issues, tax, child support, student loans, felonies, arrests.
    2. Have them fill out the application as they normally would and have it on hand in case they want to know more.
    3. Run a CBI background check on them to make sure there's no prior convictions in the state of CO.
    4. Have any kind of arrest disclosure forms on hand if they have had any arrests.

    Not that this guarantees anything, but if they're not providing a service to the industry that's mandatory how can they make it mandatory?

    You can also probably work if you've been arrested, just depends on the type of arrest. The owner of our store who had to go through way
    more background investigation has been arrested quite a few times, including recently and still recently got approved by the city for eligible
    licensing status. And they even took into account his personal life, and what kind of person they thought he is.

    FreeRangeZombie Active Member

    Well he hasn't started working yet.

    lvtokerr Active Member

    The office in fort collins usually isnt as backed up as denver office

    Hotsause Well-Known Member

    I didnt know we had a Foco office

    farmerEd Active Member

    Yea sause I wouldn't worry about the badge so much, call and try to make an appt. That's really all you can do...if I were you I would just start putting in my resume places, get all your info together and worry about the badge later

    GenLo Member

    I'm a veteran who was receiving VA support through my college terms. I decided to leave Colorado and travel around the world for for two years and when I came back I discovered there was a hick-up in my VA support. The bastards are demanding me to pay back $3000 in debts to the VA (which has now been passed onto the Treasury and now a private collection agency). Anyway to make a long story short, I'm fighting it. Does this make me ineligible for the MMJ Support Badge? It doesn't really seem to fit in what the application requires but sounds pretty close.

    Any idea?


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