Delta 9 THC

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    It vapes like velvet. This is my stash of D9 THC I refined out of dispensary extract. Purity is near absolute. This is uber potent stuff and very smooth. Clear and very pale yellow, liquid but very thick at room temp. No odor. Faint but pleasant taste. It must be stored under vacuum or it degrades to red. D3939008-9918-4DDE-8C7A-2C9D82338CF9.jpeg

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    That is gnarly. What are the effects like?

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    Nice! How did you refine it?

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    For me the first most freshest hit a full lungfull is PLENTY. It has no real sensation upon inhalation but about 15 seconds later a mild burn is felt deep in the lungs. Not harsh.

    I feel the sensation as if warmth sort of relief spread head to toe. After about six minutes I begin to realize how deep an effect cognitively this has. It is very deep long lasting. Probably not for a first time user unless you have a blanket in a corner for them to crawl under.... Care must be taken to pace myself and not keep hitting such a sweet mild flavor (faint) or brief anxiety episodes will happen when it catches up. This is a one puff medicine normally. I use the medicine for medical reasons as well as enjoyment. It is very effective as a chronic pain therapy.

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    QUOTE="superman123, post: 14144756, member: 980874"]Nice! How did you refine it?[/QUOTE]

    Here is the entire set up mostly. Horizontal rig removes terps first after dewaxing. Unit in the lab stand is a cryogenic sublimation apparatus and is shown with the orange tail of the last run still in the bottom boiling vessel along with the white stir bar. The Büchner funnel with brown aluminum oxide still in it from dewaxing is shown. The process takes multiple steps but it is kind of fun as a hobby.
    Photo below is a close up of the cold finger and the unit in operation. Pressure is ¾ of one micron. Temperature is 135C nominal. Out of that dark oil rises a pale yellow compound. The ice water cold glass then freezes the gas solid building a layer on the cold finger. When the layer gets too thick the incoming gas condenses instead as a liquid and begins to drip. Vacuum is released then and I remove the cold finger upper portion and dump the ice. After a brief thaw the THC layer peels off as a single piece gently using a small flat blade.

    Very potent stuff.

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    I love it!

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