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Dresser grow box

Discussion in 'Stealth / Micro / Cab Growing' started by ҖҗlegilizeitҗҖ, Aug 27, 2016.


    ҖҗlegilizeitҗҖ Well-Known Member

    Yeah I've looked alittle into cobs but idk if I want to deal with all that, I don't know but about circuits and stuff. I think I'm going to build a new, bigger box, maybe 3x3 ft or 4x4 and throw a 600 or 1000 wat hps/mh cool tube light that I can hook up to my new 720 cfm inline. I want a larger yeild so I will do the 4x4 scrog with 3 or 4 plants and see what I get. I have 3 femenized critical plus seeds I will use for the next grow
    Super good, really super smell but sweet taste. Candy gets you really stoned. I ate 5 the other day and really regretted it. I was completely baked for like 5 hours

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    Tim Fox

    Tim Fox Well-Known Member

    Fantastic, yes I have also attached to much edibles and the journey can be a bit frightening hahaha

    ҖҗlegilizeitҗҖ Well-Known Member

    Been working on a new setup for awhile now, just a couple too many people were aware of my grow so I have been taking a break to let things cool off. Then soon enough I will be starting again obviously with no one knowing this time. I also have been making some investments into bigger, better, higher quality grow equipment. Still haven't decided 100% on lights but I'm most likely going with a 600w MH/HPS light with ano air cooled hood. I already bought a 48x48x80 tent and a 720cfm exhaust fan. Hopefully this new set up, combined with scroging, and good genetics thanks to Tiltswitch, my goal is to harvest a pound with 3 or 4 plants

    Bud is still getting danker and danker as it reaches almost 2 months of curing, but unfortunately I maybe have 10 g or so left and ate all the suckers a long time ago
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    xX_BHMC_Xx Member

    Why so many intake fans? And what are they? I have a cab larger than yours and interior is only about 18 cu. Ft. I'm planning on only running one 120mm exhaust, about 75cfm, on a dimmer. Any reason you've found to need so many fans?

    ҖҗlegilizeitҗҖ Well-Known Member

    More the better right? I had alot of light in that very small area including a 150 hps so the more air circulation the better in my opinion. Those are all PC fans from computers that I daisy chained together and connected to a 12v plug in from a phone charger

    ҖҗlegilizeitҗҖ Well-Known Member

    The most work put in was from the 4"inline exhaust fan at the top

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