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    Yeah I've looked alittle into cobs but idk if I want to deal with all that, I don't know but about circuits and stuff. I think I'm going to build a new, bigger box, maybe 3x3 ft or 4x4 and throw a 600 or 1000 wat hps/mh cool tube light that I can hook up to my new 720 cfm inline. I want a larger yeild so I will do the 4x4 scrog with 3 or 4 plants and see what I get. I have 3 femenized critical plus seeds I will use for the next grow
    Super good, really super smell but sweet taste. Candy gets you really stoned. I ate 5 the other day and really regretted it. I was completely baked for like 5 hours

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    Fantastic, yes I have also attached to much edibles and the journey can be a bit frightening hahaha

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