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DWC Root Slime Cure aka How to Breed Beneficial Microbes

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by Heisenberg, Aug 26, 2010.


    gwiito Active Member

    Hey everyone,
    This thread has gotten me through some harsh times, in regards to the dreaded rot.
    I have been using the original formula for a few years now, playing around with different products, as I go.
    Recently, the past 6 months, or so, I was turned onto a great product that is an all in one sort of a thing.
    It is awesome, it's called 'recharge' and I've used it in my dwc modular budgets, a couple of different ways.
    You can brew it up, with a hand full of ewc, for 24-48hrs and treat it just like the original tea, recharge has molasses in it already, so you just use 1/2tsp per gl recharge plus a hand full of ewc, brew it and use it every 72hrs.
    You can also skip the brewing part since this recharge powder becomes active, as soon as it hits water and is mixed up. Again, it's just 1/2tsp per gallon of chlorine free water and put a cup in each bucket or reservoir, every 72 hrs. When doing it this way, I noticed some drastic ph drops, which tells me the root rot could be winning the battle but as long as I stuck to the regiment and adjusted the ph every day, all was well. This cut down on needing to brew anything but the ph was unstable, compared to brewing it. Pros and cons.
    You could also top dress with it. I tried this when I didn't feel like brewing or mixing anything and I had no ill side effects. I can't speak for long term effects because I wasn't consistent with it, sometimes I'd top dress some times I'd mix but either way it works and it works really well.
    It also made my plants look healthier and more vigorous. The leaves looked more tough, the pm that I've been fighting with is still present but I don't need to keep on top of it, as much and the recharge doubles as a foliage spray too, to fight pm and give it a boost from the kelp.
    Realgrowers.Com is where you can find it. I highly recommend checking it out.
    Stay stoned
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    Jeremyalan1972 New Member

    So since I have been keeping the slime at bay with cooler res.and h202 then it'll be ok to remove the ice bottles and let water warm on up ?

    Mr.5280 Member

    H2O2 kills off all bacteria (good and bad)

    Jeremyalan1972 New Member

    No I get that Bro what I'm asking is when I use the tea , in fresh water , after the soak and clean , I can allow my res to raise again . See I have been in a res of R/O water and light H2O2 while my tea Brewed that h2o2and r/o water I kept below 65 to discourage any new slime/rot from growing. So from the article I see it says that it is more benificle for temps in 70s. Is that ok to do ? Allow temps to raise ? Or am I reading it wrong ?

    Mr.5280 Member

    I see. you are connect low to mid 70s is perfect.

    Jeremyalan1972 New Member

    Thank you I appreciate your time !

    Growdc New Member

    Thank you Heisenberg. This was my last resort. I ran store bought bennies my entire first run, and they were fine. My new one, is suffering from root rot, well, i caught it early, so I think it's still at the cyanobacteria stage. I went from store bought bennies to sterile and after 4 H2O2 washes (2 days apart - that's how quickly they grow!!), my girl (who was just pruned too!!) looks so stressed out. Wilting and yellowing.

    I found this thread and immediately ordered 3 packets of mycogrow soluble and drove to the closest hydro store to buy Ancient Forest.

    Sorry, that was my story, but not my point. My point was regarding the foaming. I have a feeling that the foaming is like the bacteria breathing or something like that. I read a bunch about some people get foam or not trying to figure out if it's the EWC or what that causes the foam. I can tell you for sure now, it's ALL OF THE ABOVE.

    So, I prepared a gallon of RO Water. I took the temperature and it was like 58 F. I have an immersion circulator for sous-vide cooking. I heated to water right to 70 F. Then started bubbling it. Tested pH... was about 7.2. I put in 6 mL Carbo Load (something I had on hand and the molasses are on order, can't seem to find the unsulfered in the grocery store.). And then as soon as the first teaspoon of mycogro soluble touched the water, foam like shot up, almost overflowing the bucket.

    So, foaming must be good. I gave it the right temp and carbs ready to go, and they exploded. Heisenberg, would the reduction of foam be a good indicator for saying, "Look, now it's time to stop, before they all die, quickly put it into your diseased reservoir?

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