Eating Cannabis + LSD [ weed / acid combo ]

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    Who has tried it???
    Been having great success with LSD's psychoactive effects with cannabis' natural teacher.
    The cannabis obviously intensifies LSD's effects but it also adds something to the trip that LSD does not offer by itself... LSD obviously can teach Us things
    but not like ayahuasca, mushrooms, cannabis...etc

    You know how psilocybe mushrooms and ayahuasca are natural teachers? Well so is cannabis, ESPECIALLY when consumed by mouth and digested. [ eating it orally ]
    When one eats cannabis on LSD, it creates a stronger teacher. What I mean when I say "teacher", I mean, mushrooms, ayahuasca, and cannabis have a certain LIVING BEING present within it's molecular structure. When One orally consumes natural psychoactive substances, like mushrooms, mescaline, ayahuasca, and cannabis; they have divine interaction and communion. "they eat the heart of the creator to experiences it's mysterious/psychedelic nature."
    Literally when One eats a NATURAL psychoactive substance, they eat nature itself. A living being.
    Which becomes the healing / sacramental teacher.

    Also, typically when One SMOKES cannabis on LSD, it can overwhelm and intensify the trip so much, that it becomes unpleasant, and/or freaky... EATING cannabis on LSD... has a much different effect... in low doses, oral cannabis causes a soothing, calming effect. [Which most people seek after during an LSD trip, due to LSD's sometimes overwhelming effects.]
    However, in higher doses, cannabis infused coconut oil mixed with any dose of LSD, is a recipe for a panic attack / overwhelming trip / freak out. So use sparingly !
    [You can alway dose more, You can never undose a dose You already took]

    -> I like to eat AT LEAST 250 - 300 mgs of THC while tripping on LSD <-
    ~ Buy 1-2 ounces of the best trim/shake/weed You can find.
    Make a jar or two of cannabis infused coconut oil.
    Create a day for a trip to reflect on Your life.
    Eat some LSD.... Make a pot of tea... Put the cannabis oil in it...
    Sip and trip away...

    The cannabis infused coconut oil brings back visual effects during come down. and by the come down is over... the cannabis infused coconut oil will put You into a state of comfy sleepiness. Usually it is hard to fall a sleep on LSD come downs.... NOT WITH CANNABIS INFUSED COCONUT OIL [​IMG] let's slow the benzo consumption to make one go to sleep on LSD... xanax should only be used if One is having a HORRIBLY bad trip. aka emergencies.

    Spread it. <3 love+light
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    Don't know about any teachers hiding in the chemistry, but I do love to smoke weed when I trip on LSD.

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    --------> I like to eat AT LEAST 250 - 300 mgs of THC while tripping on LSD <---------

    What happens when One eats cannabis during the come down, peak, and come up ?
    ~come up - mellows but intensifies
    - peak ~ straight up intensifies
    ~come down - visuals will come back -almost brings the peak back
    [even hours after come down starts]

    It Must be noted that eating high doses of cannabis on an LSD come down, will make one really tired.
    However, high doses on a come up or peak, will not make One tired... The LSD over powers the THC/CBD/cannabis stoning / tired effects . But oh, nelli....will high doses of cannabis make One tired on a come down.... oh girl !!!! I tell You what.... ahahahaha

    It almost always increases the effects. It most defs amplifies the visuals.
    Talk about sparkleville ! ! ! LOL ! ! ! !
    and by the time the come down is over... I am so tired to sleep from the cannabis edibles.

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    teachers . <----------
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    This combo blows My mind.

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