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Enter The Scrog/Scroggers United Post Page

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by woodsmantoker, Dec 11, 2009.

    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member


    woodsmantoker Well-Known Member

    Dear fellows and fauna,

    Questions often get asked and sometimes skipped over with what seems to be no review. The reasons likely vary with people, opinions, knowledge on the subject or context etc, however its important to note that though this is a community page and anyone can ask or answer, it is up to each one of us to stay vigilant in our quest for knowledge and so if it seems a bit of a challenge to search for the answer among a thousand questions now, consider the effort future visitors have with the question repeated.
    Some questions are the most common, and strike a common chime time and time again. It is helpful to many in a manner where searching becomes easy to find both question and answer however, its also then important for newer members or visitors to note that for the members here longest or often, repeat questions may be a monotany that leaves a common question what may seem to be ignored.

    Regardless! The intent here is shared knowledge and thus truely, no question is a bad request when it genuinly seeks to educate someone regarding the given subject here.

    If it seems a question of yours goes unanswered, there are two suggestions I would like to extend. You may find your answer more quickly by asking the question of members directly; sometimes this works well, other times you may need to ask multiple folks. I for example come and go from time to time and so likely miss questions entirely though it is not my intent to skip over someones question. Another and possibly more quick means, is to search for similar questiona or topics that might have already touched on it.

    We all have a responsability here to respect both RIU, and each other. In doing so, we must be vigilant in seeking the knowledge we aim to find and if nessisary, respectfully consice in our resquest for an answer. As we become more frequent goers of this thread, it is also our means of upholding that respect, by quickly, honestly, and concisly answering answering questions regardless of the repetative nature of some common themes.

    We, are the tool of knowledge. Knowledge is the most important, powerful, and freeing gift we can recieve or give humanity. Go and do good my people. Carry on!
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    woodsmantoker Well-Known Member

    Breaking 300 pages, comming up!
    Thankyou all for the many years of most wonderful adventure and view into your most private worlds. To share such a thing is an effort that will increasingly become less extrodinary and under appreciated. When that is true, we have succeeded in rising above what existed before, and become something greater, where the knowledge becomes common as does the good. This, is our time. Etched in history is your efforts. Thankyou all!
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    luv2grow Well-Known Member

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    GTF New Member

    Hi, I'm wondering if you can direct me to the post were you talked about which is better for the scrog,the super crop or the fim? For years I've cranked down plants to be horizontal on the screen, then needing to cut a lot out because of the abundance of shoots that this created. Some times so thick it resembled bamboo growing. Abundance in this case was keeping weight from happening. My screen needed to be 14" from my 10 gallon buckets. but It looks to 8" is standard?. I love the method but i'm realizing i'm over working it. Thoughts?

    luv2grow Well-Known Member

    14 inches is more in line for sativa dom's 8 is good for the indica trees. You said you crank plants down on the screen? As for super cropping in my screen that would be hard to deal with. Way to tight with 1.5"x1.5" spots, So screen size openings matter. I put more time into training sub level than topping or fim. Maybe give a run a shot where you just pull those methods out for corners or open gaps as needed.
    What are your screen sizes? Any details can help us help you
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    GTF New Member

    the hole sizes is 4" x 4 ". I used sheep fencing wire. there is 200 holes in fencing per table. Each table has (1.5) 600 watts so 900 watts. I run (6) 10 gallon per table. That leave 32 holes for each plant. up until now i have topped in veg then let the plant grow up with 6-8 tops through the wire and then crank it down along the fencing all in opposite directions. as they grow i tuck in to all neighbor holes. The problem is to much foliage. thanks for replying
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    NrthrnMichigan Well-Known Member

    I like this quote!
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    luv2grow Well-Known Member

    alright i'm just gonna throw this out there and I'm sure more will chime in. So my screen sizes are close to yours except the actual screen openings. 1.5" vs 4" So I shoot for 80-90 tops per plant
    At 4 inches per branch you are kinda allowing the plants to take advantage of that space, which equals a bunch of trimming up from the screen, taller branches and or pop corn nugglets.

    tried to upload a few pics, but it keeps failing. they were of my last sativa single plant run. Screen was 5.5' by 30" day 34, I'll just post a link i guess. Half way down the page

    Anyway maybe the tighter spacing will help ya work it. Sounds like you're not lazy about it.
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    woodsmantoker Well-Known Member

    As things go;
    the responses of the particular plant, the controls in the garden including lighting and its distance from canopy, and maybe most importantly the methods and timing of each training protocol all dictate outcome.

    Some plants respond to training rapidly or explosively if you will. This does not make for a poor plant for training, but rather one with more to know about in order to work with accordingly.

    Difficult plants to learn, become the tools from which our skills are honed. We learn from these that a set method or style is a limitation to what we can accomplish. The mastering of cannabis training and trellising includes both the experience and the wisdom to adopt protocol to a particular set of circumstances. That said, my own experience has lead me to understand a universe of variables and that adapting to a particular plants needs can change not just training methods, but also hardware and measures (as mentioned above; screen types, distances, listing, etc.).
    This type of trouble shooting has also lead me to the development of interchangeable and adaptive scrog prototypes. The units I work with now afford the opportunity for me as a grower, to be more adaptive. These units raise and lower each level from the base to upper trellising, individually. Those adaptations are growing in importance to me as a scrogger with time and experience compounding the equation.

    You may find that experimenting with training methods as well as the controls, will change the outcome. With enough change, you can see a direction and take it.

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