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First grow in ages

Discussion in 'Grow Journal Discussion' started by deno, Nov 11, 2017.


    smokebros Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to chime in and compliment you on your journey back into growing. Your plants look good, very good. I can tell you have a very solid understanding of growing, all of your fundamentals were on point. Doesn't look like you forgot too much since the 90's. respect.

    Maybe look into adding beneficial microbes on your next go-round. I took nearly a decade off and just got back into the hobby last year, having soil full of living microbes is what took my plants to the next level.
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    deno Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Tried some new stuff, some things worked out, others not so much. I've been considering DIY mycorrhizae once spring rolls around. Will do a worm bin, too. Also, going to reuse the soil, so your comment on beneficial microbes fits right in.

    klozetgrow Well-Known Member

    First look in great run your green thumb did,not fade

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