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First Grow, Soil 4x4 OG Kush, Pure Kush

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by GreenDream74, Dec 4, 2017.


    GreenDream74 Member

    The little seedling is looking much better now first set of true leaves are coming in nice and healthy so far.

    My other seedling has now started to grow it's first pair of 3 fingered leaves and is still looking pretty good.

    Grabbed a couple purple urkle clones from my buddy, and they are looking very good, besides a little of deficiencies showing from needing it's first feed. They are little bigger than I expected, already up to the 3rd node, but that's not a bad thing at all. Will get pics of those later.

    D288AC7D-F9EF-43B0-84C5-F16A574E0757.jpeg 5F5C8C4E-7BE2-43C9-9096-451297656313.jpeg C2C74633-FCF8-4B37-8FB5-DF6BB5346461.jpeg
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    GreenDream74 Member

    Dr Dankness

    Dr Dankness Active Member

    So far so Good! Keep it up!

    GreenDream74 Member

    Well as you can see my "clones" aren't actually clones they're seedlings. The guys guarantees it them to be female, guess I'll have to wait and see just seems shady to me. The purpling of their stem is getting better as well, and the new growth is coming in good now with no signs of more deficiencies. Also, transplanted both purple urkles into 1 gal pots with ffof im going to add a little more dirt to the one next watering, because i left a little big of a gap between the top.

    Other pure kush seedling are still doing pretty well.

    96928CA0-4131-41D7-A4FE-4F0AFB33DEBE.jpeg 9A90BC91-36A9-4F80-B06D-6D9DE6B2FC01.jpeg 3D168FD2-B347-4E68-90A3-012A1F9C4598.jpeg 7E53105D-C03B-4D50-8321-D16824F1A5AE.jpeg D195EA22-1022-476F-8628-E8BB7B1B7547.jpeg

    GreenDream74 Member

    2 big seedling are still looking good with their new growrth, but their bottoms aren't looking any better which is worrying me a bit, but I'll just have to see.

    Watered my big pure kush today, and added a little soil to the top since I was a little cheap with it at first and she is looking good. Will probably be ready for transplant soon.

    Other seedling is still pretty short but has its new growth coming in okay I guess will water her in the next day probably been trying to let it dry out good since I over watered her at the beginning.

    0F4FC545-CBE9-41A3-99B5-251C70DEB788.jpeg DAB16F0F-A758-430D-A700-D90E3B61FFA7.jpeg 13DA651A-4BDA-443E-8C5F-6FB93BE41D20.jpeg 013FA1C4-0EBE-4D75-900A-D5FA4529944B.jpeg 0C045B0E-3DC2-4EC0-8DE7-086D9945D239.jpeg

    GreenDream74 Member

    The 2 purple urkles are looking okay I guess. They will probably start on nutes sometime this week. Trying to let them grow up a little more before I top and lst so I can take all the leaves affected by deficiencies off at the same time.

    Transplanted my big pure kush into a 1 gallon recently and she is really liking it.

    My small pure kush is only 2 days behind my other surprisingly just a runt I guess we’ll see how she turns out

    If anyone has any suggestion on anything feel free to say

    B339C01D-7770-4C2A-B924-88A18A0ECA4E.jpeg 42527D87-BE21-4753-A5D8-BAFB5F065D80.jpeg 48F8BEE2-901A-4096-9AAF-8E0272E16DE1.jpeg 9F3770BF-4174-4736-8AA3-2433A6A4AFBF.jpeg 4E82EBEC-76A8-4B1A-A9CB-37CFDDF56371.jpeg 1FEE1323-5715-437F-AAF2-53381CEEF9F4.jpeg 2CD19295-8B48-48CB-AE48-69D20B119B51.jpeg

    GreenDream74 Member

    9944FA4E-B6B8-48EE-9583-E282663A883D.jpeg 4757EEF5-6377-47EF-9AD5-3EB972CEBB24.jpeg A71DB449-6041-4C17-8F3B-FA9EDBF36824.jpeg 7E9F85C6-2102-473F-972C-BA51F7DD1B79.jpeg Went ahead and topped both purple urkles. One has more leaves taken off on than the other because some of the leaves higher up had some deficienes on them.

    Also been very cold here lately been about 5 degrees or lower for the past 4 days and has no signs of warming up anytime soon. Been hard trying to get the temps rights inside the temp had to move my heater inside the tent and it seems to keep things pretty good.
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    GreenDream74 Member

    The big pure kush needing watering today. Used plain distilled water phed at 6.4. Still looking pretty good and is loving the new container
    PK1.12.29.17.jpeg PK1.12.29.17 (2).jpeg

    Purple urkles are both looking pretty good after topping. Will probably need to be watered tomorrow, and after that they'll get started on their nutes.

    PU1.12.29.17.jpeg PU1.12.29.17 (2).jpeg PU2.12.29.17.jpeg PU2.12.29.17 (2).jpeg

    GreenDream74 Member

    Having a few problems so far now after a decent start. On 1 of my purple urkles and pure kush plants they have what appears to be some type of nute burn. It's weird though because one they havent been given any nutes at all yet, and also why didn't it show right after I transferred into the ffof even though the pure kush has been in ffof since germ and has 0 problems until now. Don't think its a deficency since this is all going on in the upper leaves, but I will start the purple urkles on a light feeding of about 1.5ml each of GH flora,micro and bloom per gallon as they are about ready anyways.

    These are a couple pic of the purple urkle from yesterday. It has gotten a little worse since then.
    66506A92-180A-4A5F-BC18-100623211408.jpeg 09CE07AA-DFC0-488C-A44A-B2B5437B51F2.jpeg Someone I've talked to said it could be because I have been using distilled water the entire time. I guess something about the ph buffer with the distilled water, so I got some new water. Hoping that will help clear it up

    Here are some pics of the pure kush from tonight you should be able to see that 1 tip on it that is burned. When I look closely at all the upper leaves 70% have a very minor burn at the tip of the fingers barley noticeable but there. Now this is the one that is worrying me some, because it can't be a deficiency i don't think it's only 20 days old from sprouting.
    71D38312-0C4D-4A9E-8E3A-8739BADE6102.jpeg EEFC9DCA-327E-4C61-95DD-F9B1C395A0E9.jpeg

    On another note I'm pretty sure I messed up the topping a little bit, because it seems on both purple urkles I accidentaly clipped the grow tips a little. I'm not sure if it's bad or not yet, but one of the offshoots on each plant appears to have no new growth coming in. Oh well, it a learning process I guess. Started a little bit of lst on each of them as well. I bent down those top leaves to get more light to the growth tips DD7F3F65-B211-43EB-AB84-AF4C60D89752.jpeg

    9351529A-8F27-41DA-917D-C0DD72402E9E.jpeg E5D8BF0E-CF04-4901-8156-C74CBCE53C8B.jpeg

    The other pure kush is still showing decent new growth, it's just really behind. Just watered it last night will transfer it into its 1 gallon pot tomorrow probably.


    Any help with the 2 problem plants is much appreciated if anyone knows anything.
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    GreenDream74 Member

    Thinks have been looking much better recently.

    The 1 One purple urkle that was struggling with new growth and what not after topping has bounced back fully and looking good. each of the purple urkles have both started on light feedings,I'm not quite sure how old they are but they are just a little bit ahead of my pure kushes.


    The other purple urkle is now also in a 7 gallon pot and has seem to taken off recently.


    My big pure kush is now also into a 7 gallon pot and started on light nutes. On all 3 of them the bottoms are looking a little bit light, so I'll see how they're looking when to they're dry to see if they need another feeding with more nutes instead of plain water next time. Will be a month old tomorrow and has also started a light nute feeding.

    49685EC7-F3F6-4A9E-B481-C32BC8BC8606.jpeg 8B404EA0-4DD8-45CC-A2F1-00C81B46BE79.jpeg

    My other pure kush is still just very small. Still in a 1 gallon and will more than likely end up being there for a while longer, not planning on doing any training to, just gonna let it go and see what I get.


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