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First Try - Hot peepers growth with IKEA Vaxer

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Marco Gil, Mar 21, 2017.

    Marco Gil

    Marco Gil New Member

    Hi there,

    First of all, excuse me for my English. I live in Portugal, in Lisbon and as we have here an excelent sun, almost all year, I decided to grow hot peepers.
    After a failed experience (wrong timing), I started this spring growing Carolina Reapers and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion.
    This time I give a try to the IKEA Vaxer hydroponic system and I'm amazed. I've started two weeks ago, and some seeds already germinated and seems like they are going well, both Carolina and Scorpion.
    As a newbie and as I don't have space for large hydroponic systems, I would like to ask your advice how to move (if so) the plants when they get bigger to soil? should I do that or try to keep them in water?
    Here are some images from today.

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    vostok Well-Known Member

    no biggy here

    once the plants are big enough in the roots

    like a fist is good

    extract form your soup

    and insert to a prepped pot with soil and 20% perlite

    water well

    allow to recover over night

    good luck

    ps how about a thread on growing weed in Portugal ..?
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    Adir New Member

    Last year I grew a pepper just for fun in an IKEA Vaxer. It didn't grow very big, since I planted it late, so I left it in the Vaxer and did yield quite a few peppers :)
    Besides that I would recommend to transfer it from vaxer to another hydro setup. I gues DWC oder NFT would be best

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