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Fogponic grow

Discussion in 'Aerogardeners' started by Budbob Spliffpants, Nov 10, 2016.

    Budbob Spliffpants

    Budbob Spliffpants Member

    Hey all,

    Haven't been able to find a thread on this so I decided to start one. I currently have 4 seeds that started germination on the 31st and sprouted on the 4th of this month. It has only been 6 days and the roots are already 2-3+ inches long, and that's poking out of the coco and clay pellets they're sitting in....anyway this is a relatively unexplored area so if anyone has experience in it, it would be great if you could help me along because i'm winging most of this just to see if it'll work for a full (veg-flower) grow. I'll post some pics later, but main point of this post was to hopefully get some tips or even pics of peoples fog grows.

    new member as well so trying to establish so that I can create a journal for this experiment =^)
    Budbob Spliffpants

    Budbob Spliffpants Member

    Okay got some pics...here is from Nov 7th(remember they sprouted the 4th). NOTE there were no visible roots at this time. They are sitting in 2 inch net pots, the seeds were put into a netted coir tablet put inside of the pot and surounded with clay pellets. I will be modifying the set-up once these roots get bigger, but as of now we just have the atomizer directy under the plants with 4-5 inches of water.
    Seed: bagseed
    temp: 71 F
    p.h: 6.8
    light: (18-4) 300w Viparspectra LED

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    Last edited: Nov 11, 2016
    Budbob Spliffpants

    Budbob Spliffpants Member

    NOV 10th roots came in big, but leaves looked strange to me...just me? Also #4 is struggling making its first set of serrated leaves...today I saw the farmings of new leaf so we'll see, just a tad confusing. (NO nutes added at this point)

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    Atomizer Well-Known Member

    Be sure to fill the netpots right to the brim with hydroton to block as much light as possible. Circles of weed barrier fabric with a slit cut from the perimeter to the center (for the stem) are another option.
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    TeamSuperman Member

    I'm not familiar with a fogponic grow, is your pH supposed to be that high or are you just not adjusting the pH because they're not using nutrients yet?
    JayThe HydroGuy

    JayThe HydroGuy Active Member

    whats your water temp when the foggers been running for a little while? Every time I attempted I ended up with root rot because the ceramic disc heated up the water too much. Didnt have a chiller at the time. Anyway, would love to see updates
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    Budbob Spliffpants

    Budbob Spliffpants Member

    Trying to keep ph in the 5.5-6.5 range, was high at first because I had nothing to bring it down with plus I knew I wasn't adding nutes so there was nothing to be locked out from the roots at that point.

    I've been waiting for my temp and humid gauge to come in the mail, but it has yet to make it to me so can't answer that. I did hear that being a common problem with this type of grow though so have been checking and so far so good. started a journal, here's the link =^)

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