fuck seedsman

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    Sorry to hear about your troubles bud. I've never ordered from seedsman before but I hear that they have a really good Northern Lights so I was always interested in them. Hopefully if I ever pull the trigger my experience goers a little more smoothly than yours did. I've only ordered overseas from Attitude/Choice in the past but recently I rolled the dice and ordered from Seed Supreme for the first time and am waiting on that order to arrive. Who knows? Maybe you'll see my "Fuck Seed Supreme" post in a few weeks. Ha ha, I kid. Good luck with those beans you did get though.
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    Hey man, didn't really mean nothing by it or belittling or anything.

    Just pointing out that it was most likely a random accident that can happen with any company.

    What did you get instead of the larry? Did you get the sfv or something else? Did they germ?

    I would give that ww a chance. A few of my friends liked it the best out of a few strains I ran at the time. I ended up ordering a couple ten packs of reg seedsman ww.

    Sam the skunk man is one breeder for seedsman strains. They work with a couple others. Next time on herbies or other seedbanks if you look they will carry seedsman gear.
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    El Stinko

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    I ordered from Seedsman to get the Night Nurse. I need sleep.
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    I stopped buying stateside when I found dispensaries lying about their clones and seeds and buds.
    I've never had an issue over seas, since 2008, hundreds of strains. sry for your troubles, write your congressman

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    So, did you get your Night nurse beans?
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    El Stinko

    El Stinko Active Member

    Here are the goods. My healthy little girl with wide Indica leaning leaves.
    Night Nurse 21V.JPG

    The only thing I ordered was was the Night Nurse. All the rest were freebies. A satisfied customer I am. :weed:
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    Lurrabq Active Member

    Indeed you did...... I have grown the the Jack H. you have there. Did three outside over the late summer, and I'm still sampling the last jar.

    Very nice strain. Nice frost too.

    Very heady effect in my case. Kind of a schedule changer if I get carried away!

    Looks like the nurse is doing well.....
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    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    Just curious did you order on credit card or sent in money?

    shadow22 Well-Known Member

    Seedsman is great, I ordered last year and maybe again this year

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