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GDP & Quantum Boards - smokebros style

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by smokebros, Oct 26, 2017.


    lukio Well-Known Member

    why? praying plants are happy plants in my book! ive always had that down as a nutes thing. do you think differently?

    ANC Well-Known Member

    There is that kind of praying where they lift the leaves up really high to limit light exposure.
    I know they praying you are talking about, this is lifting the leaves up
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    smokebros Well-Known Member

    #2 wasn't to happy when I lifted her skirt and defoliated yesterday. Also did some bending and manipulating trying to keep the stretch down.

    She woke up in a better mood today.

    Front open tent shot. The PVC frame is doing a fantastic job.

    I'm amazed at the size and growth of these plants in 10 gallon smart pots. The plant on the right side of the picture below (Sour Diesel inside the DWC) yielded 7 ounces. The smaller of the GDP's is already the same size if not bigger than the SD was.

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    smokebros Well-Known Member

    Today the plants are entering day 13 in flower. The stretch is definitely on! Pheno #2 has stretched to 16.5'' from the canopy. Fortunately there's great air movement in the tent and the close proximity to the light isn't causing problems. I will be dimming that light down just a bit and also raising the light about 2 more inches. If she keeps stretching then I'll be obligated to bend over the tops and tie them down.

    Unfortunately I noticed a slight calcium deficiency. As of now the total leaves affected is 3, but I think over the next week there could be more leaves affected. I'm actually not too concerned and here's my reasoning:

    The plants have stretched about 12'' since 12/12, more so in the last 5-7 days. This rapid growth requires a lot of Ca and Mg to be utilized by the colas that are stretching. The three leaves affected are all on different colas, and they are the larger (nutrient storing) fan leaves. The colas are the largest/tallest of the plant that are growing the fastest. What's happening is the plant is pulling all the Ca it can out of the root zone, but also pulling it out of these leaves because they're attached to the colas that are in hyper growth (located towards the upper 1/3 of the plant). My guess is that this didn't happen overnight, but instead there was a deficiency at the time the affected fan leaves were part of the "newer growth".

    Long story short is I will need to bump the calmag to 250-275 PPM's until the stretch is done. The two plants will need to get different mixes of water, fortunately pheno #1 isn't stretching to the point of depleting her Ca. But Pheno #1 is a bit darker so I want to avoid overloading her with even more N encriched calmag if I don't have to.

    I mentioned earlier in this thread that calcium is king and this validates that point. It's no surprise that most Ca & Mg deficiencies show up in early flower when the plants are going psycho and stretching. I image the stretch will slow down and halt around day 21, +/-.

    Until then I'm going to keep a close eye on things, hopefully the quick reaction prevents it from getting any worse.

    With that being said, here's a photo update:

    Happy plants!

    See the small rust spot? One of three leaves with this.
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    smokebros Well-Known Member

    Well. I did some more reading and wish I could go back to delete my previous post. It appears the rust I saw was a P deficiency. It all makes sense now. Instead of the using additional calmag, I've decided to supplement Dyna Gro Bloom 3-12-6 into the rotation for the short term.

    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    Good job, buddy! And good eyes!
    I would hardly have noticed the small spot.
    As you maybe know, Canna also has a mono nutrient line with different micro and macro nutrients like N, P, K, CaO² and MagO² and so on. The latter two are very helpful because there is no N inside.

    Attached Files:

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    smokebros Well-Known Member

    Week 3 Flower Update

    Happy Friday RIU!

    Today is Friday, January 12th - which means it's officially the first day of the third week of flowering. It appears phenotype #1 has begun to slow down stretching, thank god. She's without a doubt the tallest plant I've grown, sitting at 52'' from the ground and 41'' from the top of the soil. But it's not just the height, she's just fucking big all around and consuming well over half the space in the tent.

    Phenotype #2 has been quietly growing like the perfect plant should. She isn't anywhere near the size of the other phenotype, but I have a feeling there's something special about her. She's a bit bushier, stout, and indica leaning. Some of her fan leaves are larger than my head.

    I posted the other night about noticing a little rust. I noticed it on phenotype #1, on three separate fan leaves of the three tallest colas. So far it hasn't continued (which is good), and I'm hoping that was the worst of it. I'm confident that adding Dyna Gro Bloom (3-12-6) will help avoid this in the future. I'll cutdown the Canna Coco by 25% and add the nutrients back in the form of 25% of Dyna-Gro Bloom. In all honesty I know it's such a minor deficiency that would probably go unnoticed by a lot of gardeners, but I'm striving for perfection with plant health this grow-round.

    With all my bitching aside, everything has been pretty routine. The plants are still responding well to the ever-other-day waterings. Typical water volume consists of 4 gallon between the two plants. I've read it's common practice to "flush" the plants partway through flowering, but I haven't done so yet. I measured runoff PPM last night and it was 90-93% of what was being watering in. I would image there's no reason to flush if the runoff PPM is slightly lower than the PPM of the water going in. I typically get about 1 to 1.5 gallons of runoff after every watering, I think this has helped prevent salt buildups.

    What I'm smoking on:
    Right now I'm smoking a bowl of Critical Kush #1 out of a steamroller. This specific phenotype was the best of the three from my last harvest. It's been curing for a few months, which has brought out terpene and flavor profiles that weren't there at 2-3 weeks of curing. Just an amazing smoke overall, reminds me a lot of the Chernobyl from 2011.


    In the front from left to right in 2 gallon hempy buckets (Blue Dream, Purple Trainwreck, GDP #3). Back row left to right (GDP #1, GDP #2)

    Closeup of GDP #1

    GDP #2 canopy

    Back right corner of tent where (GDP #1) pictures

    Another closeup of GDP #1

    Angled overhead view.

    Pulled back to get a better shot of the tent.

    GDP #2 buds

    More GDP #2

    GDP #1

    GDP #2

    Buck5050 Member

    Yo smoke these things are looking amazing!
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    smokebros Well-Known Member

    Thanks man. I really need to get in there and defoliate again. There's always something to do in the garden!

    lukio Well-Known Member

    id of missed that rust spot!!

    looking great, man - they are indeed happy looking plants!

    Never grown GDP but its on the list

    smokebros Well-Known Member

    Thanks brother. Just got done peeking in your garden, it's looking beautiful in there! It looks like I'm just under a week behind you with my journal.

    I'm going to reserve judgement until the grow is over, but these GDP plants seem to be great genetics. I suppose I can break the news now, but the next grow round in the 4x4 tent will likely be GG#4 Mi Cup Cut S1 from Dankonomics Genetics. I ordered the second to last pack, and @HydroRed got the last pack.

    I still have two more feminized GDP seeds and 9 cuts of the current GDP ladies, so I'm contemplating doing a mixed run. I'm almost 100% certain I'll switch to a 3x3 flood & drain, vader style. I'll have to go through all my seeds packs and see what else I have, I know there's quite the variety in there to pick from.

    But before I start my next run I've been considering taking a nice vacation. Been thinking Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico, Costa Rica, somewhere warm where I can sit and stare at the ocean. It's nice to be able to reset and get some headspace. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the daily grind and satisfaction of growing my own herb, but fruity drinks on the beach with a nice book sounds equally as satisfying.

    Any suggestions on vacation spots or growing techniques if I adopt the ebb & flow style?

    Edit: I forgot to talk about DVG. @lukio, I've been looking at Dungeons Vault Genetics as well.. not sure if you've grown any of their strains. I believe the breeder was partners with Ken Estes (Granddaddy Purple Seeds), and they had a falling out. He started DVG and it appears to have some insane looking strains. Foul Mouth, Brandywine, Gorilla Grapes, GG#4 Fem, Scouts Honor, False teeth... Literally everything looks mouthwatering.

    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Id love to see how those S1's work out for you. I have mine just as backups in case I lose my momma so I likely wont be running them any time soon. Have you ever run F&D before? DVG has my attention as well as of lately. Brandywine sounds like a winner for sure!

    btw, when you run the GG4's I'd advise running taller strains along with it if you grow more than 1 strain at a time cuz the glue has some serious legs on her when you flip.
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    lukio Well-Known Member

    sounds great! look forward to seeing em!
    for sure - im breaking in April and im 100% also hitting some beach somewhere stunning (:
    its definitely needed.

    Go to Myanmar - It's my favourite place so far.

    Never grown ebb and flow so cant help ya there, dude.

    Ah yeah DVG has some nice looking stuff huh. funny you both mention Brandywine as i actually have a pack in the fridge! look at this, though -


    looks pretty bloody frosty, that page has some great examples of DVG gear
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    smokebros Well-Known Member

    Dude, I appreciate the advice. I'm going to rethink running multiple strains, or one possible idea is run clones of the GDP #2 next to the GG because she is the epitome of long legs. She got an energy boost and grew another three inches after I thought she was done stretching. Currently sitting at 55'' from the floor. I went in and raised light last night to get to a 16'' light/canopy separation with her.

    It'll be my first time running a F&D and I'm pretty excited. I'll probably have some questions for you in the future since you seem to have that style dialed in.
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    smokebros Well-Known Member

    Hell yes man, beach's and R&R, can't beat that.

    I never even thought about Mynamar, holy shit it's beautiful there. I google imaged some locations and I'm in awe. I don't know if I can swing that type of trip now, but definitely a bucket list item. I've always wanted to travel to Thailand, so could be a 2 birds one stone kind of trip.

    I looked at that guys IG page and had to light up a bowl, *drooling*
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    smokebros Well-Known Member

    Purple train wreck in a 2 gallon hempy bucket.
    IMG_5615.JPG IMG_5616.JPG

    GDP #2
    Shot from below
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

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    lukio Well-Known Member

    yeah myanmar is utterly stunning, i was lucky enough to travel all over (: Thailand's also beautiful but its harder to avoid the crowds.

    Stems on those plants are nice n chunky, man! Looking forward to seeing em flower.

    i need to work on my root/stem game
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