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Greenleaf Nutrients $1600 MEGA CROP October + Instagram

Discussion in 'In It To WIN It' started by GreenleafNutrients, Oct 7, 2017.


    kit10 Member

    Sweet.... :bigjoint:
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    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    by the way would you happen the be the actor John Snow from Game of Thrones?! Hes quite a famous Kit in UK!
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    kit10 Member

    :lol::lol::lol: Please. If I were Kit Harrington, I'd probably be able to afford ALL the Mega Crop in your stores right now, instead of scrounging on the internet for freebies :P

    Kit10 is a play on kitten. Meow! :D
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    Flagg420 Well-Known Member

    My 5lb (2300g) prize arrived safely today :) Thinking I may run it side by side w/ my AN on a pair of purple orange CBD's I got clones ready to flower....

    Good luck all!
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    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    would love to see a side-by-side! Check out the feeding schedule on our website for a good idea on how do start your dosage.
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    Gumdrawp Active Member

    I've been wanting to try this and do a side by side with an organic based nutrient line to see the difference. im interested to see how the salt buildup is.

    big bag :)

    Any way someone from greenleaf could explain the amino acid chelated nutrients? ive heard of organic acid chelated, never amino though.
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    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    hi Gum. Yes, the Amino Acid chelation is an improved process over EDTA or other synthetic traditional chelation. In 5 years from now, I think most fertilizer brands will have Amino Chelates. Actually, Advanced Nutrients was the first company I saw that used Amino Chelates in their Connoisseur product. Which is pretty cool for them! However our product has a lot of extra ingredients that makes it better than Connoisseur (like included silica, kelp, chitosan, eznymes) . AN has all those things, but you have to buy about 8 products to get it all.

    Check out this link for a lot of info about that https://greenleafnutrients.com/#aminos

    • Increased nutrient availability
      Nutrients are already in organic form ready for plant absorption. The organic coating around the chelated nutrients allows it to absorb 20-30x faster and more complete into the plant. Once in the plant, the chelate releases the nutrients by forming metal-organic complexes. Chelation prevents nutrients from reacting with ions (usually in high pH soil) to form insoluble substances. The nutrients are enclosed in organic molecules which protects the plant from precipitation.

    • Increase nutrient mobility
      Chelation increases the mobility of nutrients in soil. It helps large amounts of metal to remain in a mobile form and facilitates movement of the metals to the roots. Chelated nutrients are water soluble for easy application and absorption.

    • Organic Amino Acid Chelates are biologically active!
      Biologically active amino acid chelated fertilizer can stimulate the chemical and enzymatic reactions in plants naturally, since plants natively create amino acids in their normal growth process. So this has the added benefit of stimulating plant growth without adding toxic hormones or synthetic stimulants.

    • Suppress the growth of plant pathogens
      Amino Acid Chelating agents suppress the growth of plant pathogens by depriving iron to pathogens, and favoring plant growth and health.
    • Amino Acid chelating nutrients is a method which uses amino acid as chelator, forming a stable and highly absorbable and penetrative nutrient
      It is a complex and highly stable nutrient, thus preventing metal from bonding with ions or each other resulting in reduced loss of nutrients not available to the plant.

    • Reduces the negative effects of acidic and alkaline conditions on the metal nutrients (because it forms stable complexes)
      It is composed of organic compounds instead of synthetic compounds (such as EDTA, or EDDHA…etc mentioned above). Amino Acid is a more penetrative chelator for metal nutrients in plants compared to EDTA, therefore giving increased performance through better absorption.

    • Prevents leaching
      Metal ions forming chelates are more stable than free ions.

    • Plants grown with amino acid-chelated supplements are generally richer in sugars and other nutritional elements, and have higher yields
      By increasing chlorophyll content and acting as an effective plant growth enhancer, Amino Acid Chelate nutrients act as phytohormones and increase the total output of the plant naturally.
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    kit10 Member

    My sample has been shipped, hopefully it won't take more than 2 weeks to arrive. I added 2 RQS Speedy Chile ladies to my grow tent yesterday so if the bag gets here on time, I'm going to run a side by side comparison with mega crop and my Biobizz nutes. For science :bigjoint:
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    DG1959 Well-Known Member

    Hope to win a medium bag... so many positive remarks on this product !!
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    i make my own and its much like yours ..
    i stopped jug nutes decades ago

    good price...good igredients .. i wish you success

    now if i could only ever get organic mixable dry ferts or hydroponics..that is remotely affordable

    at anyrate congrats
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    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser


    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    I'm on my second run with Mega-Crop. I love it. I do mine by dry weight on a scale. I have yet to have a single burnt tip in a full 3 plant grow to harvest and now a 5 plant grow in veg. It is very stable. I haven't used ph up or down once since I started using Mega-Crop. My tap water is 7.25 with 50ppm. My ph stays anywhere from 6.25ish to 6.50ish after mixing it in. There was no salt build up during the grow. I didn't have to flush once during the grow. And I only flushed for 4 days before harvesting. There was no I'll affect or bad taste from the nutes. It was frosty as hell. Some of the frostiest plants I've ever run outta my tent. I got the big bag. When @GreenleafNutrients first come on here. Great product. Great customer service....

    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    hey Whyte, you should be sure to enter our new Instagram contest! We take some of your photos from your thread if you want and enter you in? Your nugs were super frosted and the grow was really nice.

    the prize is $25 coupon x 4 people this month.
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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. You can use whatever pics you want of mine. I'll look you up and ig and follow you. My name is the same as here. Whytewidow824

    Edit: I followed you... And entered.
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    Kjudah420 Member

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    ZeroTrousers Well-Known Member

    Thanks GreenleafNutrients !
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    Grower_not_Show-er Member

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    BionicΩChronic Well-Known Member

    Payed for shipping yesterday.
    Can't wait to try it in my upcoming indoor season.

    albert111 Well-Known Member

    hi i want to enter the give away small bag
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    DG1959 Well-Known Member

    THANK YOU!!!!!
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