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Greenpoint seeds!!

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by puffntuff, Dec 1, 2014.


    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up. I just picked up a pack of Copper Chem!
    It's going in the vault for a few months along with the Black Gold and 11 other packs of Greenpoint Seeds I have, while I finish testing out some others gear.

    PS: That Sky Pilot and The Deputy is some of the best up high weed I've ever had. It's been a pleasure growing out your gear @Gu~
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    hantastic1 Well-Known Member

    just ordered the dream catcher, doc holiday and tomahawk. ahhh yea boi, cant wait to get some new strains added to my garden

    morgwar Well-Known Member

    I brought up a question about the genetic similarity of garlix and dynamite and really feel foolish now that it's clearly answered
    Here's garlix
    And here's dynamite

    Clearly different, and stem rub gives a way bigger distinction between the two
    Dynamite smells like dead carcass all four.
    garlix smells like roast beef lol
    Dynamite is a week behind the others but is catching up, down by half a node maybe full.
    sorry for the hijack just loving the greenpoint STANK BABY!
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    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    Those Dynamite Diesel have that spade star fat leaf shape the ECSD clone expresses

    morgwar Well-Known Member

    I suspect amongst the 4 dynamites the only difference is male/female
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    EGrower Well-Known Member

    Got my pack of raindance today. Thanks Gu~!

    No females have shown themselves out of the doc holidays. At least 5 males so far. A transplant is needed on the ones scared to show sex

    mrfreshy Well-Known Member

    J IMG_20170517_115022.jpg ust 2 quick photos of day 30 of 12/12 on the OGKBxRHS testers. Big sturdy plants with plenty of stretch. One has doubled in size and one has tripled, to nearly 6 feet in a 2.2 gallon container. They have a very distinct sweet smell.

    I apologize about the blurple in advance.

    Attached Files:

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    naiveCon Well-Known Member

    Looks awesome @mrfreshy
    How long did you veg ?
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    mrfreshy Well-Known Member

    I think I vegged for about 6-7 weeks. I have 2 more females going in to flower in a few weeks that I have topped and trained, so hopefully the stretch stays down. These I just let grow out naturally. Also of the 4 seeds that broke the surface, all 4 were ladies.
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    smashcity Well-Known Member

    Hey gu, i was wondering is the ecsd cut you're using for dynamite d the chaco ecsd.

    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    Just a colorado clone only that floats around these parts as ECSD. In would assume it's just from RezDog seed Stock from his IBL seeds.

    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    Stalks like a baseball bat
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    naiveCon Well-Known Member

    Its a looooong road to Durban !! 20170519_150707.jpg

    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    But you'll be smoking lightning.

    naiveCon Well-Known Member

    Absolutely looking forward to that !!

    cocoleveo7686 Well-Known Member

    So i see the fem seeds are out of stock. Do you guys buy reg ones or fem?

    mrfreshy Well-Known Member

    Regs only for me.
    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    my 3 sky pilots are starting to kick it @3-1/2 wks of 12/12
    not a lot posted on these,the few full plant pics Ive seen looked ok
    budz not really stacking, lots of wood between the flowers
    llol, bakersfield nicked em larf pilot
    BUT... i'm not seeing that.
    mine are big, full, dense plants with non stop nugs running up the stem.
    gotta get batteries for the cam and pics will follow,

    Overflookies is another mystery GPS goody with scarce grow info.
    now in early bloom w/pistils starting to cluster up on the tips.
    more to come on those @3-4wks :D

    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    With what I know now, but didn't know then, I would have toned down my criticism of the Sky Pilots a little bit. I get the feeling there was something I wasn't providing them. Not enough light - old bulbs or maybe they needed a good PK boost late in flower?
    However, small and painful it was to trim, they still managed to yield up about 3 oz a piece and the smoke is exquisite.
    It's not only potent, but the smell alone let's you know how wonderful it's going to be.
    I didn't take cuts and it is probably sold out for good, so I can say it was a memorable experience.
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    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    i didn't take your description as overly critical, you called it as you saw it.
    and hey! the pics tell the story
    the main thing is it was exquisite smoke.... righto :weed:

    tbh, it wasn't a good feeling seeing your larf pilot thinking that's whats in store for me,
    and it's my 1st GPS strain to into bloom
    thats the reason I picked it up,
    i had hi expectations for sky pilot.....
    and most everything else was sold out :mrgreen:

    I'm still glad i picked up 2 paks
    btw, i didn't take cuts either haha!
    time to get the razor blade out and mix up a batch of perlite/verm stat!
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