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    BudgetGrows Well-Known Member

    Looking for someone ecperienced in revegging, after a harvest. Did one few Months ago...

    This is the girl after kicking back into vegging..I tied her down once and threw a screen on her.

    And well a couple weeks before harvest...

    She ended up about 2.5'x2' area of the screen. Not sure how many tops but over 50+. Besides the LST and tucking her under first few weeks of flower i really didnt do much work at all.
    So. Can I do the same? Can she push a third harvest with possibly bigger yeild?! At what point if ever will she just give up?
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    Gaz29 Well-Known Member

    It re-vegged once, if you do the same as last time i don't see why it wouldn't go again, but this time take some cuttings. Good luck and happy growing
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    majins Well-Known Member

    Yes it works again. Iv done 4th gen re-veg but then on the 4th time 1 of the 3 I was re-vegging got a few hermi branches but that could of been because had a few power cuts mid flower which reset my time.
    Still running clones of that same plant from the 2nd re-veg of it and they havnt shown and hermi tendency's.
    Plants on its 5th year from when I popped the original seed. And is like a completely difference strain then what I started out. Orignally had strong sativa traits with fat buds and 10-11 week flower. Now has lots of medium and small buds but only take 6-7 weeks to get to 70% cloudy,30% amber.
    harris hawk

    harris hawk Well-Known Member

    Great info !!! how long to you reveg ? ( 2 months ? )

    BudgetGrows Well-Known Member

    My first reveg on my current GDP took 2.5 weeks to show veg growth again. Another week to loose the single leaf growth. But that to my understandig is VERY quick. I was quite surprised! Vegged her out another 3-4 weeks before flip.
    I cloned some babies before flip. Original plant was 2nd generation so the clones are a 4th generation technically. Four of 6 clones have started showing budding after about 1.5' tall and STILL under 18/6. I have to think that this generation has just degraded and for a last attempt to stay alive there automatically flowering no matter the light conditions. I cant seem to think how else they can flower under 18/6 lighting indoors. Otherwise somehow I CREATED an auto from a non-auto strain. Lmao that would be nice though....
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    BudgetGrows Well-Known Member

    You dont find much on 5th generations+ . I can see how through my revegging, how the strain tendencies change/alter. The smoke on my 2nd generation seemed to be the best. Im not sure even if i should bother with flowering these four clones out that switched already. I see HERMIES ahead too :). 3rd generatiin looks ready to pull now on Day 55. Last harvest went 71 days. So the quickness is there it seems. Coalas def smaller but more of them from the ecessive branching. My yeild will be either same or slightly LARGER.
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    Gaz29 Well-Known Member

    1st one is power bud (Zambeza) and other two are just two examples of my Kaia kush that is a year old this month.. i re-vegged it (isn't a great yielding strain but stinky/potent.) I have many cuttings from it & lots of v.small to one just being harvested earlier tonight and two others halfway through a 60day bloom. I stagger my growing as it's for personal. I need to slow down with clones (just veg for a while), as I'm gonna pop mephisto's sour livers auto's I've got for the comparative grow,..
    Good luck with your re-veg and happy growing

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    BudgetGrows Well-Known Member

    Did you train at all or is that just the natural growth

    woodsmantoker Well-Known Member

    You are embarking on great things. This is a topic very dear to my cultivation soul.

    Continue to explore!

    Outdoor, finish screens early via light dep, then revegg back through winter onset, harvest again into spring, revegg with spring and repeat.

    The old addage "weaker as time goes", has validity. However, as time goes, a plant shows expression based on environment and is most likely not being grown in its origin climate, thus changes are inevitable. Less potent wont necessarily be the case, but absolutly can be for a given harvest comparred to another, especially if the plant is less healthy in later years.

    Keeping health of the plant is key. Permaculture is knowledge for the seeking if you have not already.

    Happy Scrogging!
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    Gaz29 Well-Known Member

    I topped the power bud twice- it's only 6 weeks from germ and two weeks at 12/12.. the other with a lot of tops(clone) is 3weeks in and I fim'd that to bush it out a bit..i just chopped the single cola plant last night. I have just soaked two of the sour livers auto's (mephisto) as part of the comparative grow. Good luck and happy growing
    Ps above pic is from last week..
    If you stick those flowering clones under 24/0 - they should re-veg proper (if you've not binned them yet.!)
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