Help me identify these pests! (PICS)

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    KryptKeefer Member

    So Ive been growing for a bit, this is the 1st go of it at my new location though. New screen name here as well. Lurked for years lost all that old login stuff.

    So back to this grow, the only place to really do it the way my new house is set up, was to build a little space in the basement. Im doing it the coco-hempy style this time. Never had any mites in previous grows. Yes I have read extensively on them & researched. But havent seen any pics of Im not sure whats going on, Ive spent hours reading. Here we go...

    Anyway after a while I noticed little holes & tears in a few fan leaves... Ive also seen at least 2 small flying things under the lights it was almost like a piece of lint with wings. Temps are usually at 78-80 with humidity of around 50% average at this stage.

    Now I have some gallons of water sitting out open, I noticed these super small critters fell in the water along with some other critters on the outside of the jugs. Clearly they were going for the water.. heres pics:

    About 1-2mm in size...there were 2 of these trapped in the water:

    And these things were also roaming around, they are about 2mm long, this is them on a small container lid: 20170420_020904.jpg
    This is just a shot of the veg room to give you an idea of where Im at in the grow stage..
    20170420_022140.jpg 20170420_021357.jpg

    What are these things?

    I have ordered some azamax & mighty wash online so that is on the way. But Im a little concerned here. Some great genetics growing just dont want this to get out of hand.

    Can I use the azamax or mighty wash as a dunk? Like in a 5 gal bucket & dunk each plant upside down in the solution. What can I do to keep this from getting out of hand with the resources I have on the way & will I have to fog the grow space afterwards with some type of fogger?

    Thanks you guys :bigjoint:

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    KryptKeefer Member

    ...accidently posted this outside the bugs section. I thought I was in that section when I made this thread... please overlook or move it perhaps. Either way, Id really love to get these little things sorted out as quickly as possible.

    Samsonator Well-Known Member

    Second one is thrips..first one could be mites or something else, another photo might help. Azamax works well, but don't spray it on flowering plants, and yes you can use it as a dunk. Same with Mighty Wash, but at the price of that diluted stuff (what a rip-off!) you get in the bottle it would cost a lot of mula.

    Edit: 1-2 mm seems a little big for mites...right?

    KryptKeefer Member

    I thought that as well...

    Okay so we have the thrip thing figured out, seems to be more of those. Although I have inspected plants visually of course only turning up holes & traces of the insects instead of seeing actual insects on the plant.. today I just stared at them for like an hour waiting to catch something small crawling around on a plant.

    The azamax & mighty wash are both on the way should be here early next week.

    Ive taken some more pics of the other critter I retrieved this one from the water jug it fell into & the coin is a dime for size reference:

    And here are some of the plants, I am upping doses of calmag+ as well but some of this must clearly be the work of a pest..

    Not sure what the hell is up with this one:

    And even the seedlings are showing signs of something, didnt have this brown stuff on seedlings a few weeks ago which were the first, this is 2nd batch but 2 or 3 look like this:

    Will I need to spray the rooms down too? Hate to do that with all the equipment. Not long theyre being moved to flower, so I really would like to somehow avoid this happening during flower!:confused:

    Samsonator Well-Known Member

    Aphids. I've only dealt with them once before, don't remember what I did, but they are manageable. do a forum search if others don't reply with their own tips and you'll probably find all kinds of helpful info.
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    Samsonator Well-Known Member that I think of it, I think I just used a basic soap spray for the aphids. People might disagree, but in a pinch "Safer Insect Soap" works pretty well for things like that. The bottle of concentrate lasts a long time.

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Use spinosad ( Capt. Jack's Bug Brew ) from home depot ( $ 9 ).

    Easier on plants at ALL stages - even up days before harvest. Since aphids are plant suckers , spray alone may not get all but ..... If you add 1 capful to gallon of water , you can water it into plant . Then it will systemically be brought up thru plant and leaves.

    This combined treat will kick the shit out of them in a couple days.
    I do the same method for mite control too.
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    KryptKeefer Member

    Interesting, I read something on that but wasnt clear on dosage. Is that something you donevery watering with nutes? Or put it in without nutes? I run floranova bloom & calmag about every 2 or 3 days now so whats a safe schedule when adding the spinosad?

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    No .

    When i see any signs of infestation , i start treatment.

    As " A PREVENTATIVE " , i MAY spray once a week. ( maybe )

    But i do not spray my plants with pesticides UNLESSi have to.

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Since i grow soil , adding a capful to watering ( once a week ) will help pass product to leaf tissue where the insects will ingest it. Once i CONTROL PROBLEM , i drop down to a preventative treat.

    KryptKeefer Member

    No I was asking how often do you give a cap of spinosa per gallon. And if you mix it in with nutes or do it on days without nutes?

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    On a water day

    KryptKeefer Member

    ....bro. Are you stoned?

    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    He answered your question. Thanks @Budzbuddha by the way. I was recently introduced to satans spawn for the first time during week 6 of flower. I used spinosad mixed with dr bonners. Your way is less...minty. Thank you.

    KryptKeefer Member

    Not exactly, but its all good.
    I specifically asked how frequently it should be used, like one time... multiple times... and is it a back to back thing, or a once a week thing. On a water day. Well, that can mean many things. A water day with or without nutes? Just one water day or multiple watwr days? Technically everytime you feed or water... its a water day. lol

    I'll search on it after work if nothing pops up before then.

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    That thing on ur finger looks like a tick. 8 legs means its an arachnid, not an insect. Anybody?
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