How long are people waiting to hear back from Health Canada ?

Discussion in 'Canadian Patients' started by willieboy, Oct 4, 2016.


    Pulpit_ Well-Known Member

    Mine was mailed yesterday, exactly 13 weeks from receipt. It's pretty obvious from other posters responses H.C are processing from date received and only process those from that exact date and no more……good thing it is in the mail as I am only 30 days from harvest !

    Fornfrussen Well-Known Member

    Just got my registration in the mail today! HC received Dec 6th. Should also mention this hasn't cost me a single cent and it shouldn't cost any other medical users anything either!!!
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    HerbalRelief Well-Known Member

    Please elaborate; I need to renew soon judging by the 4 month lead time I see on here :-(
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    Fornfrussen Well-Known Member

    Might be province dependent but everything was covered under Alberta Health Care for me.... Pain in the ass fighting to get where I am and still going to be a fight to get a gram or two more but I won't be paying anyone a cent to do it.

    Going to get my renewal going in a month or two here... Pathetic system but I can legally grow so whatever at this point.
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    DogiTwch Member

    HC recieved my app Dec 28th and i am still waiting.

    I have called every 2 weeks and sometimes once a week, on hold anywhere from 1 hr to 3 hrs.

    This is rediculous to make medicinal people wait this long for MJ.

    Heck i can get a Doc to prescribe Perks or other drugs and not have to wait 3-4 months for HC to say ya ok... i do not want those types of drugs, but they are pushing people to obtain them.

    The LP's have nothing i want right now been like that for over a month, so i have been in pain everyday simce last order in Feb 2017.. even when i can order i can only afford about 15g for the whole month outta of a 90g per month script and i am on Ontario Works they do not pay for shit either.

    This is fking BS.

    Where are the lawyers now as they seem to be hiding as we are not getting resonable access to MJ as what were getting is the run around.

    I have to renew the licence come June as thats when my Doc is available to renew again and that was for a 7 month, but without a licence in first place can not do that.

    Also even if they gave me my licence to grow today.. it will be not enough time to do a grow as its 3 months minimum for a Grow.. plus i need to still buy shit to Grow.

    It cost me 75.00 for the Doc to do the paper work... so again it will cost same... thats 150.00 out of my OW ass nobody pays for but me and i still have not grown one damn plant and will not be able to do so probably till OCT 2017 cause of this HC fking BS cocksucking crap...

    Where or fking where can i get MJ i fking need and when the fk can i grow... fking idiots.

    Assholes should allow licence Date frm date they send to us.. not from when Doc fking signed it.

    I am so fking pissed off about this crap.

    They allow immigrants and reffugees into this country and pay them money 2000.00 a month.. fk all i get 310.00 a month and i was fking BORN here ..

    The fkers pay all this shit for ppl not born here and fk us all who are born here...

    They can not afford to fking HIRE more ppl to do these apps for MMJ but can pay for immigrants and reffugees to live, eat and shit in our fking country.

    Sends those fkers back home and give us MMJ ppl the fking money your giving them.

    Fking GOV fks its own born ppl over before anyone else.

    Fk u Canada Gov Fk you.

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    people dying cannot wait....

    DogiTwch Member

    Thats true and if they are dying then by all means i would say grow without a licence.
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    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    What part of Ontario are you in? Are you near London ? LCS is failry resonable 5-7 per gram and good selection of decent meds.
    I feel for you man.

    DogiTwch Member

    I am in the north west part closer to timmins area and i will not buy from dispensaries until they become legal to sell.
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    Suit more help from me. Snotty reply and all. Your Welcome I guess....
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    Fornfrussen Well-Known Member

    They should buy myclobutanil sprayed shit from Health Canada's LPEE'S.......
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    sunandsky Well-Known Member

    I'm in manitoba and the first time i sent my papers in they sent it back, took 5 weeks from the time i sent it. My medical document wasn't good enough, had to go back to the doctor. Then I sent it in again and it took 8 flippin weeks! and when i got it..They got my address wrong! They had mixed up two numbers. Now I've moved, and they told me I have a 21 day grace period to amend my address. As if I will get my paper work back in 21 days.. right. I sent it in a week and a half before my possession date though so maybe I'll get lucky. Called in twice, was on hold for two hours the first time, the second time was an hour and a half so i just hung up. They actually called me about my address in between, because my mailing and physical address were different. It was some woman who could barely speak english..I explained my address situation to her..she got the numbers wrong. Great system we got there! I am not going to chop down my plants, that i have spent time/money/effort/love on because they don't give a shit about medical growers! and quite possibly have made this system difficult on purpose!

    thccbdhealth Well-Known Member

    buy a light and grow your own, photocopy your application and date it when you send it, along with a copy of your prescription.....
    and do what is with in your needs and rights
    my registration in total took from October - November - February
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    c ray

    c ray Well-Known Member

    a friend who works at one of the cannabis clinics says they're telling their clients to expect a 6 month wait now.

    WHATFG Well-Known Member

    How sad it is that legit patients have to wait to treat.
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    sunandsky Well-Known Member

    wtf? I'm going to email them today i think. i'm not going to stop my grow just because of their bullshit.
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    sunandsky Well-Known Member

    i know man. ridiculous. i'm not going to dig 240 bucks out of my pocket when i'm sick as hell and living on social assistance to pay for my medicine when i could be growing it from a freaking plant just because they have a stick up their ass about weed!
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    tommarijuana Well-Known Member

    So now its taking 6 months...what a joke LMAO ok actually is far from funny.My doc will only hand out 6 month scripts.First harvest is almost complete :) I just sent in a renewal a few weeke ago,my script runs out in a few days.Oh well,clones and seedlinge are almost a month old.I'll just continue on as its not my problem the "system" is so flawed.People want that peace of mind knowing their legal but its more stress waiting for paper work to be returned.Just carry on i will....
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    sunandsky Well-Known Member

    Sometimes i think the system is flawed on purpose. Screw everyone over and make us jump through ridiculous hoops.

    sunandsky Well-Known Member

    does anyone know what the protocol is if you're moving and you don't have your amendment yet? The first person i spoke to at health canada told me i had 21 days to get the paperwork changed. guy today told me theres a 21 day grace period to move the plants from my old address after the change? wtf. as if i'm going to kill my plants just becasue im moving! this whole styems is fucke dman

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