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Immune to edibles??

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Possum1, Jan 8, 2018.


    Possum1 Well-Known Member

    So I've been a smoker with great success for 20 years. Recently I've tried edibles, with no luck. My mentor gave me cookies with butter made at 4oz per lb, says they knock him out, and my wife can only eat 1/10th, and an old hippie experienced smoker thought he was having a heart attack after one. Me, ate 1.5...nothing.
    Made my own cookies, 1 oz per lb. My wife eats 1/2 cookie, all messed up. I ate 3 cookies... nothing.
    Tried making strong green dragon. Tried 2ml, nothing, 8ml, nothing. Had wife try 2 ml, babbling and passed out in an hour, still high for a couple hours 8 hrs later
    Tried 12ml today...maybe a little funny for 5 min, smoked a couple more bowls...no real difference.
    Gonna try making QWET, gonna make butter for wife's edibles, but, am I immune?

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    I know a couple people that have a hard time catching a buzz or feeling edibles. I do at times.

    Expeirment with different times of day and varying degrees of empty stomach. Eat a small fatty snack then try one.

    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    I’ve eaten a lot and it does nothing for a buzz , helps with pain tho
    Last week I was at a friends n he made oil n jelly’s , he said one jelly was enough.
    Asked if I could have a shot of the oil it was made out of, took 15ml , n ate the jelly .
    Nothing ...

    Possum1 Well-Known Member

    Made cannabutter at 1/2oz of good/larf bud per stick. Decarbed at 215-225°f in oven for 40 min, then simmered in butter for 4hrs. Ate a teaspoon, nothing. 2 tsp, nothing. Ate a tablespoon/held under tongue until melted and swallowed, felt maybe a little funny an hour later, got really tired 5 min later.
    Gonna try once more today, 2 tbs, probly just make me take a nap. Super jealous seeing my wife get baked for hours off tiny doses. Probly not worth the weed at this point, but gotta know.

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