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indica or sativa, a dozen

Discussion in 'What Are You Smoking?' started by 4nikator, Apr 18, 2017.


    4nikator Active Member

    No matter if edible, flower, or wax, hash, or any other form, All i get is a stony feeling. Bong, Vape, joint doesn't matter. Just dropped grand in Denver on a variety of gummies, live strain, flower including Jack herrer, lemon dream, and assorted other 70-90% Sativa and feel no difference between them and some indica i have.

    If i take enough of any, i get disassociated feeling where time goes by, but i am just about incoherent, no sense of the UP that sativa is famous for. Just out of it.

    Are all the claims made for the various strains just so much hype and marketing? All I know is i have a thousand dollars worth of cannabis and just have no interest in the feeling i get from any of it. Am I immune to the variety of sensations many of you get?

    Kcbscrogger Well-Known Member

    Send it all to me and I'll explain later.

    4nikator Active Member

    I only take Au for payment. The instant one gold bar arrives (my one way Denver flight included) you can expect the entire inventory by snail mail. Thank you for your interest and getting my wife off my back. I hope you have greater luck than i did.

    Grandpapy Well-Known Member

    Cooking and Baking (growing) results always come out better at sea level.:D

    Sadly in CO if you are used to a 100mg dose you will have to purchase 10 10mg doses. if it's in Brownie form that's a lot UN-necessary sugar and fat but maintains the medical need for diabetes and cardiac remedies. So eat up!

    4nikator Active Member

    Not taking for Medical porpoises.

    Just want to experience the UP highs that so many Sativa fans have, and can not. The sense of being disassociated, and out of it is not pleasant just the couch lock that comes from Indica.

    ALL the cannabis I bought was to see if any of it beat my home grown which--- after nine months of growing last year---proved to also be a depressing disappointment after all the work, expense, and time I devoted to it. (wipe out from too late found Spider mites, indoors, and outdoors a late switch (4-6 weeks from harvest) to hermies on a half dozen Sativa plants from 20 yr old seed.

    If anyone else gets no UP high from Sativa, I'd sure like to know about it, as I am beginning to get cynical about the true effects of Cannabis.
    cat of curiosity

    cat of curiosity Well-Known Member

    buy a 10$ bag of brown frown seedy brick and grow those. after 16-20 weeks in flower, you'll get the product you're looking for.
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    spankysmith87 New Member

    Hey Guys

    I am new to Cannabis world , Can someone help me out and share their views about it.

    macsnax Well-Known Member

    It could be the way your body responds to sativa. I have a buddy how lives sativa because it relaxes him, he's a pretty high string dude when dead sober. Or your tolerance is really high. Maybe take 4 or 5 or a week, then see how it treats you.

    haloman420 Well-Known Member

    I prefer a heavy leaning indica as I dont think a 100 percent indica or sativa actually exist anymore.

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