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    I will take pics next time! I just killed it to grow something else!
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    I have netting around my 4x4 grow tent I was going to try to vine my tomatoes and cucumbers, maybe squash if it will. Didn't think about underplanting, Thanks. I'm trying to squeeze as much as I can into a 4x4 tent and also a 2x4 tent. And at the moment separate pots. I'll get some pics later today.
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    Here we go, not sure how it's all going to play out yet. Open to ideas/suggestions. Current plan is trellis everything I can on the three walls of the tent with the netting. Use the smaller 2x4 tent with the t5 fixture to do my greens.

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    My tomato and cucumber plants are getting big and the cucumber is flowering. The tomato looks like it will flower soon and I also have some pepper plants growing slower. I haven't had to check or change the res yet, just topped them off a few days ago.

    20170110_194706.jpg 20170110_194829_Burst01.jpg 20170110_194851.jpg
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    Very nice. I planted 2 tomatoes in soil. Neither are doing very well. Just transplanted them into 1 gal pot . Hopefully they will do better.
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