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Jack el frutero (jacks fruit) from Philosopher seeds

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Son of a collier, Mar 19, 2017.

    Son of a collier

    Son of a collier Active Member

    Strain: Jack el frutero from philosopher seeds (2 pheno's) 1 bulky quick finish & 1 classic sativa type slower and taller

    Growth:Coir, indoors 1000w hps . plants were 1.2 m-1.4m (after stretch) supercropped with support provided.

    Nutes: Dutch pro , canna pk Excellent tolerance to salts

    Yield: 7/10..... 2 plants gave 3oz

    Bag Appeal: 7/10 crazy sticky nice walnut whip shaped looking pale silvery green buds,with many trichs
    Smell: 8/10 smelled like tangerines and fried onions when growing . The final result though was very fruity and mildly spicy

    Taste: after 2 weeks curing very smooth fruity but not tarte.. very moreish aftertaste of citrus

    The High: I would say quite unique, very slow creeper, relaxing hypnotic eyelid dropper.. has very high THCv levels

    Comments: This is a "would buy again" strain
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