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Las Fingerez Grow Journal - Various Strain Scrog

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by las fingerez, Dec 7, 2010.

    mr west

    mr west Well-Known Member

    Ive had ms for 25 years
    las fingerez

    las fingerez Well-Known Member

    cheers for the reply fred, ok 2 ask you some questions here and there then mate? will drop u a pm with my number, can talk on wassap maybe? i've given my trial juice to a couple of people, one with ME one with MS and had kinda positive results, 2 days into trial.

    the person with MS smokes anyways so doesnt suffer with pain so much, for this person i was thinking its an alternative to pills when theres a shortage going on, cant get hold of any smoke etc.

    i'm getting GG4 soon enough so will be running that for the meds, gonna get a rosin press so i can make it with a bit more control over the measurements, its a guessing game with trim i know this already from messing with butter.

    i read some one elses thread last night about there being a thread on making juice on here but certanly did not come across any when i was doing my previous research. i came here searching for more info on decarboxalisation
    mr west

    mr west Well-Known Member

    Yeah its ok to chat on here. I not got wots app but am on fb messenger and you one of my friends lol.

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