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LED grow plant very slow to get started

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by synaps, Feb 2, 2013.


    synaps Member

    hey peeps, pretty new to the growing thing, especially LED. This is my first full grow with this light (180w 3w modular) although I did use it successfully to finish up an outdoor grow at the end of last season.
    Anyways the problem is that its been about 10 days and the plant is being super slow to get going!
    It doesnt look unhealthy, although its a bit odd that there's literally no stalk/stem...

    I thought this might be because theres too much red light, however the manufacturer advised me that its prolly because the plant was too close to the light, apparently seedlings should be roughly 32inchs away, vegging plants 2foot and budding 1foot (which is where Id had it).

    Does this ring true for anyone? Surely if it was too close it'd wilt, or does this explain for the lack of stem?

    I've put it at 3 foot so will report if this makes any diff, but in the meantime thought Id see if anyone here could shed some light on the matter, is there anything else that could be stumping it?
    maybe low temps or just a rogue seed, I also planted straight into a 5litre airpot, but didnt think this would be a problem as its an auto.

    Any thoughts or advise would be warmly welcomed!

    vilify Well-Known Member

    in my experiences with LED. nodes stack TIGHT. so in a way, they grow slower toward the light, but i always end up with just as many nodes as with other lights.

    if it is healthy, and temps arent too low (<low 60's) then just ride it out.

    synaps Member

    Niceone dude thats reassuring, I need to get a thermometer, cos it is pretty chilly in my house at the moment!

    Do you think changing the distance from the light will make much of a difference?

    synaps Member

    bumpbump - anythoughts folks? x

    vilify Well-Known Member

    if you already have it that far away, i dont think it will help much.

    synaps Member

    Hmm fair point I guess, I spose my main query was whether this would actually cause the stunted growth. Ive moved it to the right hieght for veg, also got a thermometer in there and its roughly 17degrees (without a an running) which I believe is too low (read up that optimum temperature should be no less than 21) Would this be the reason for the stuntage, and can anyone recommend a cheap way to warm the space (a small cupboard)

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    New to growing and only 10 days out with a seedling that still looks alive? Don't push too hard. How big do you think a 10 day old plant should be?

    synaps Member

    fair point I guess, was just a bit worried as the manufacturer had told me to switch from veg to flower at 2 weeks :S

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