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Low Stress Training (LST) Guide

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Rollbluntz, Sep 22, 2010.


    SoCalCraw Member

    I definitely see what they're talking about when they say auxins come into play, I topped a Critical mass clone 2 weeks into flower and have been using intense LST. You can just see the branches start to pull up within hours and see the bulk of the plant really come out. Here's a pic of the CM, I just tied her down after having to cut the bucket since I think I planted it too low (water wasn't ditching as fast as I wanted it to) so hopefully that helps! You can see the lush green LSTing will bring you :)

    She's exactly 1 month from being planted from peat cloning pods into sunshine #4

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    Bosgrower Well-Known Member

    At 35 days from seed and a week from topping at the 3rd node, these Blue Widows seem healthy but so compact that I'm not sure I can start LST until there's more spacing. Am I reading this right?

    Day 35.jpg Day 35a.jpg Day 35b.jpg Day 35c.jpg

    New to growing so any advice would be welcome.

    Soil grow, 2x4x5 tent, 2 Quantum boards @ 1050ma at 30", 1 gal pots, plants are 5" tall.
    For complete details

    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    you're right. give it a few more days to a week at least. what is your goal with them? top/lst only? scrog?

    Bosgrower Well-Known Member

    Dinafem recommends topping and scrog ... but unless these beauties stretch a bit I may have to use mainlining. Just uppotted to 3 gal ... there are more roots than plant so maybe that's where all the energy has gone. Big mass of fine feeder roots with no visible tap.
    There's really no info on these in early veg so it's making this a challenging first grow

    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    you're fine. you have great light, good medium/pot size, temp/rh are good. I'm assuming you have a fan in the tent? You need constant air circulation. Lots of roots is good. Dont over think it. Just focus on your feeding and watering schedule. you can probly flip in 2-4 weeks depending on how large you want it

    Bosgrower Well-Known Member

    Thanks !!! Its difficult to get feedback on early grow issues ... if and when I learn what I'm doing I'll be sure to pay it forward

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