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Lower leaves browning

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by RKRK, Sep 12, 2017.


    RKRK Member

    Alright. These baby's are two weeks old. All in 1 gallon containers with a 70/30 soil/perlite mix. Soil ph is 6.2 (tested 4 pots).

    I'm assuming this is a water issue. I haven't fed any nutes yet, just two watering with 20% run off - last watering was 4 days ago (a few of them drooped right after watering - so I assumed I watered a bit too early). The soil is pretty dried out, but not bone dry when I pulled the one pot off.

    I'm transplanting them into 3 gallon fabric containers soon. Assuming I've diagnosed properly, should this clear up the drainage/water issue? Or is there something else I need to do to help them recoup (calmag?)?

    IMG_20170912_074248.jpg IMG_20170912_074257.jpg IMG_20170912_100946.jpg


    Bugeye Well-Known Member

    Next transplant:
    25% soil, 25% perlite ( large size), 25% castings, and 25% coir. Then add measured amounts of lime/ ground sea shells. Transplants are a great way to make corrections. I think you have no serious issues that transplant won't correct. Good luck!
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