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M4S73R's Vertical Organic No Till Scrog.

Discussion in 'Vertical Growing' started by m4s73r, Dec 10, 2015.


    m4s73r Well-Known Member

    You know I have yet to get one. I found one over on Rosintech website that has a screw type. Way more pressure. Same price. I'm hoping that i can get a deal on it with black friday/cyber monday right around the corner.

    Now that I have a few things dialed in, this next round should be a bit bigger.

    Not much to see as far the grow goes. Once i get the first round of training to the cage done ill get some pics up. Clover should go in around the same time.
    I did end up harvesting around 15 lbs of vermicompost.
    Going to start doing a aloe/agsil spray once a week. Along with some neem oil.

    More to come.
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    m4s73r Well-Known Member

    So I flipped to Bloom on the 7th. I think were about done with stretch. I am a horrible blogger. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. After all the time ive spent experiementing I am glad to have found a system that requires very little from me time wise. I think I spent about 3 hours flipping to bloom. Clover has been slow taking off. Anyway, here are some quick shots tonight.
    WIN_20161218_23_17_14_Pro.jpg WIN_20161218_23_17_29_Pro_LI.jpg WIN_20161218_23_17_32_Pro_LI.jpg WIN_20161218_23_17_35_Pro.jpg WIN_20161218_23_17_38_Pro_LI.jpg
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    So how did this work out?
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    Frajola Well-Known Member

    Thanks for asking mate,

    The plants are still too little to be tied up to the screen, started from beans. And I hv to confess, I'm not that happy w all the beans, my WWs , turned out to be autos and not fem instead, they got messed up after transplants, SLHaze just 1 out of 3 made, from greenhouseseeds Co.
    Tangerine Dream from B's farm 100% dead.
    Strain hunters, Money Maker plant is doing ok but also a low germ rate.
    TGA , JBean, reg jus 3 made out of 5 dont know yet the sex.
    TGA 1 PHaze fem doing great.
    Bulk from Dr. Krippling not bad.
    Sour Diesel from HSO not bad.
    HWeight Dream Machine doing good.
    I got also 3 Mikado x Night Cap from thy mate @eastcoastmo and they r doing so good.
    The ac unit has to be moved from up there, it ll take space from a plant,got a different plan for that.
    I hope to have the screens at use within 2 weeks or so.


    mikado x night cap.


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    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear of the issues with the other beans man but I'm very happy to hear the mikado x nightcap are doing well, those fan leaves are huge! Top work man, keep me posted on their progress if you can?
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    pockitsPM Well-Known Member

    I'm sold lol I'll be creeping.

    Nice work dude. You like how the worms in the dirt are treating you?
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    Frajola Well-Known Member

    lol,...tell me more...

    m4s73r Well-Known Member

    I do, but you have to keep that pot moist during bloom. dries up to much and youll lose your worms.
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    m4s73r Well-Known Member

    harvested sunday. did better this time around. should come out well above 4 lbs. WIN_20170128_18_17_56_Pro_LI.jpg WIN_20170128_18_18_13_Pro_LI.jpg

    Attached Files:

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    m4s73r Well-Known Member

    well we got through the harvest. this came out smaller then i thought. 2.75 lbs dry and i may get a zip of hash from the fluff. well see. I have decided im going to increase my numbers and decrease my plant size. My current space is a unfinished bathroom. so were moving out of that and into a 5x10 grow tent. and then split the lights apart.

    im on the fence on a couple of thngs. The tent. Do i go with a couple of 5x5 tents? do a perpetual thing? but that increases my costs. Another fan, filter, ducting, watering system. cost in 2 tents is about 250 bucks.
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    pockitsPM Well-Known Member

    2 tents would be better for the perpetual thing...maybe split up your purchase. Buy one tent now the other in a couple months. Find ways to cut costs like using one powerful fan and big ace filter for both tents instead of one each.
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