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Major difference bewteen "blackstrap" & general unsulphured molasses near harvest?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by OldAK-MTF907, Sep 12, 2017.


    OldAK-MTF907 Member

    I'm just wondering if the stock factory store bought unsulphured molasses is as good, or is possibly lacking anything compared to one specifically titled "blackstrap" unsulphured molasses? Do they both benefit the soil the same & help before harvest?
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    Gaz29 Well-Known Member

    It's a brand of molasses, any unsululphered molasses is good for plants.. hope this helps.!? Happy growing
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    Neither help near harvest
    a good soil build feeds the micro's, they dont need any more
    if they are not properly fed, or are killed by the time you near harvest.....its too late
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    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    Black strap molasses is used in compost teas because it feeds two sides. Bacteria and fungi. Black strap is mostly carbon with some sugar.

    Sulfur in high concentrations will kill bacteria and fungi. Regular molasses is mostly sugar and it'll mainly feeds bacteria. Not fungi.

    A whole lot better choice then regular molasses is pure organic Cane sugar. The stuff they make molasses out of. It'll make bacteria explode when used in tea. Fungi eats protein. Not sugar. To multiply those guys fish liquid is used. Or some other protein. To grow both, mix cane sugar with the fish.

    Long story short. Sulfur molasses isn't a good choice for a soil amendment.

    OldAK-MTF907 Member

    That sounds....hard to believe I guess I would say, (just the "doesn't help near harvest" part) since the plants continue in their respective soil they've been in, feeding the micro herd seems like it would have some benefit, in veg., flower, pre harvest, etc....weird. All input is appreciated though, thanks
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    OldAK-MTF907 Member

    Ahhh, gotcha. Haven't gotten into any fish related proteins as of yet because I guess I haven't found any need...well other than as a compliment to the organic compost I more or less freehand, I'm pretty sure I add some sort of "fish meal" in there.

    And pure organic cane sugar eh? Yeah, I've wondered if going that route rather than using the by product/sum of cane sugar (molasses) would be of more use, after reading the usual myriad internet ideas/theory's...hmmm, so iyo (in your opinion) would adding a tablespoon or 2 per gallon benefit/feed the soil fungi?

    OldAK-MTF907 Member

    Yeah...cool. Thanks, kinda what I figured. Have ya heard of using pure organic cane sugar (like mentioned below) in lieu of molasses? That sounds interesting! I might have to experiment w that a bit! Thanks btw!
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    OldAK-MTF907 Member

    Oh also I guess "near harvest" is a bit subjective...I meant a few weeks (2-3 1/2 ish)

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