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mixing coconut oil and olive oil

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Zephyrs, Mar 1, 2018.


    Zephyrs Member

    So I ran across a half oz of trim I totally forget last year (that almost never happens, but really cool:lol:) Any how I went to make some canna coconut oil. I ended up decarbing 13 grams. But I only had 1/3 cup o coconut oil, so I ended up having to put about a1/4 cup of something else all I had was ex vir olive oil to cover the plant material. Cooked in Mason jar water bath on stove top. Has anyone else had to do this or similar? I have to say the taste is rather interesting, almost reminds me of cashews. Finished and dosed 1 Tbls bout 45 mins ago and I all good:weed:

    Zero_OS Well-Known Member

    haven't used coconut oil yet, just pure ol oil, and that works fine w/o decarb first. I sometimes take a couple of tbsp of oil straight, and follow it up with hot tea, and can feel the onset in less than 15 mins.

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