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My 2x5x4ft and 2x3x3 perpetual grow.

Discussion in 'Stealth / Micro / Cab Growing' started by Dan can grow, Jan 17, 2017.

    Yengher 987

    Yengher 987 Member

    You are my idol ! :razz::razz::razz::razz::razz: I am interest in plant trees,flowers,so I want to make friends with you and hope you can teach me that how to plant them better! Which the light is better for plants?:-D:-D:-D
    Dan can grow

    Dan can grow Active Member

    I can't say which light is best for growing. It all depends on your budget! I can tell you that it really doesn't matter what light you use, what does matter is the intensity of light and the color or spectrum. I like around 5000-6500k for get and 2700-3500 for flower.
    Dan can grow

    Dan can grow Active Member

    Quick update. The 3 plants in flower are about a week from harvest. I flushed with plain ph adjusted water last Sunday. Most of the trichomes are foggy with about 5% Amber.
    Veg is doing great. The 3 plants in soil got transplanted last Sunday also into 2 gal pots. The hydro dwc white widow got a res change also and is almost as big as the soil plants and it is 2 weeks behind in age.
    So maybe the next run will be more dwc. I also got my new Mau5 IV light working. I'm waiting in this harvest to revamp my flower area with this sweet light. I also added some cree xg3 cool white diodes for the added blue spectrum on the light.
    I'm stoked to try out these cobs! 20170307_054305.jpg 20170307_162657.jpg 20170307_162724.jpg
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    Dan can grow

    Dan can grow Active Member

    Got the blue diodes on and running! 20170311_184117.jpg
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    El Stinko

    El Stinko Well-Known Member

    What was your total cost of the DIY light? Very nice!
    Dan can grow

    Dan can grow Active Member

    My total cost is around 500. I'm already planning on additions! That's just who I am.
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    Dan can grow

    Dan can grow Active Member

    On another note, it's harvest day! So I've been trimming like crazy! The ole sticky finger syndrome!
    During the trim process I've added the new light to the box. I also transplanted all the veg plants into 3 gal pots. I moved them into the flower box and tied them all down. I want them to get through the shock of transplant and light intensity increase before flipping to flower. I also started 4 beans in ph'd water. 2 of MSNL Thc Bomb and 2 of Gorilla Glue. I took 2 clones of the purple white widow pheno. I'll have some photos up later as well as weights in a couple weeks after a slow drying period.
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    Dan can grow

    Dan can grow Active Member


    BMWEATER Well-Known Member

    Incredible grow limited space!!
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