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Newbie in Southern CA. need to find best topical for Knee

Discussion in 'California Patients' started by carabuser, Mar 19, 2017.


    carabuser New Member

    Hello all,

    Im Frank from North Orange County, I am getting my hard copy of MMC in a couple days,

    Im looking for the best thing to rub on my Chronic Knee pain, I am new to this so I really
    dont know what works best CBD is not the strongest ? I heard about AC/DC but I dont see
    it available anywhere in my area ? (my area code is 90631)

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you !

    ltecato Active Member

    All topicals work about the same for me, even the ones I make in my kitchen. I'd start out with the cheap stuff, but I'm a tightwad.

    carabuser New Member

    Was thinking of trying EMU 420 (20 MG CBD) have you tried that one ?

    Thank you

    ltecato Active Member

    I don't think I've tried EMU but so far I have no complaints after sampling three or four brands from dispensaries in Santa Cruz.

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