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No smell, again, second grow.

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by The_Dude, Apr 19, 2017.


    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    fox farms soils need amendments to properly feed a marijuana plant to the end in my experience. If all other controls are spot on you know its just a starving plant. If I pour a few cups of organicare into the flowering fox farm soil it finishes nicely. but so does pro mix done the same at less cost.
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    You are not understanding. It may never smell until you chop it, jar it and then let it cure.
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    sunny747 Well-Known Member

    Get hold of a cheese strain and see if it smells. If it does then you know it's just genetics.

    My bud normally smells pretty decent since I got familiar with controlling RH to produce a nice slow cure. Light has something to do with it also. I feel that the best grow I did was under HPS.

    I aso use terpinator. It gives me piece of mind.
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    The_Dude Active Member


    The_Dude Active Member

    I stopped giving it the advanced nutes. Been giving it a blend of epsom, honey, molasses, ro, crystal burst, snow storm ultra. Smells better, and within 2-3 days, I have more crystals than ever, and its starting to reek more. I also installed a new light.
    I did start chitosan about a week ago also. Went in lastnight and found several branches hanging over from weight. Check this out. 43 days in flower.

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    The_Dude Active Member

    I have, I don't have the rig to run the new one, like I would like to. Keep mainly light laptops these days, because they are easy to transport.
    Been playing a lot of war robots from the android store, I bought one of those android tv boxes and game controller, and have gotten most of my friends playing with me. The game kicks ass, and its online multi player teams, lots of customization. Come check it out, my handle is 0GR3.

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    The_Dude Active Member

    Went to check on them tonight and the blue dream was more than half way bent over on one side. Scary. I hope it didn't damage any roots, and kill the plant,or stress too bad. One of the tops got pressed against the tent and top is a bit flat. The plant is looking better than ever though. Crazy excited. Day 44. The smell has improved, .
    Too many variable changes to tell why such a fast change.
    Chitosan, new lights, quantum + cob and UVB lighting, quit using the advanced GBM first lineup which has a little nitrogen.
    Or the half gallon cocktail of raw honey, molasses, epsom, humboldt cb, & ss ultra, chitosan.

    Alexroller Active Member

    i am growing two blue dream feminized right now....and im in day 23...they are at about 25-30 cm height...
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    The_Dude Active Member

    Humboldt genetics?
    The BD I have, grows like a short fat bush, not long like most BD you see.
    Post some pics. :weed:

    Psyphish Well-Known Member

    Plants that I've grown under blurple LEDs never had much of a smell, even after cure they were lacking compared to their CMH grown siblings. Chitosan kills bacteria from the grow medium, I wouldn't use it with soil.
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    Alexroller Active Member

    Yeah humbolt genetics...

    Alexroller Active Member

    bro did your first pair of leaves starts to die at day 25 ? is this normal??
    Dirty Doper

    Dirty Doper Member

    I suspect that the problem is with drying, post-harvest. Aim for a more even dry, with buds and leaves drying at near similar rates, and you might be surprised with results. Make sure a fan isn't blowing directly onto your buds as they dry, keep air movement hardly noticeable. You're probably wasting time chasing molasses, honey and such. I've had my most dank plants by feeding relatively light and early in flowering and water only the rest of the way, in a simple FFOF and dolomite lime medium. Sometimes less is more ;-)

    My blueberry og x grand daddy purple that smells like ripe watermelon, using abovementioned techniques:

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