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Nothing dumber than a flat earther

Discussion in 'Technology / Science' started by Rrog, Nov 25, 2017.

    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    that's ok, be done with us. none of us are going to believe the earth is flat, no matter how many times you offer irrelevant, wrong, misleading, or ignorant "proof" otherwise. we refuted every piece of evidence you produced, and you refuted none of ours, but we're still the ones that are wrong. you can't argue with that kind of zealotry. so i won't
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Satellites are not a hoax dude. Lol.
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    RetiredGuerilla Well-Known Member

    Sir, Sir ! Our periscopes aren't working due to the oceans curvature our target is blocked from view. Sir, Sir ! the JFK is reporting that their laser sights can't initiate contact with the target due to the oceans curvature.... GOD DAMN IT !! "What the hell is going on"? Surface at once ! ....I think we're in the twilight zone sir. The land of the Globetards. Look sir ! I spotted a mountain range and it...it...it appears to be leaning away into the horizon due to the earth's curvature. Extraordinary !! "Initiate aerosol anthrax 300 meters from the coastline, let's kill all these fucking Globetards we possibly can and retrace our heading until the earth is flat again". If these Globetards capture us we will be forced fed GMO's, images of a Globe and have our eyelids pried open to watch NASA channel 24-7. Radio Shack and Radar will have to swallow free mason jism. Man your battle stations boys let's take these mother fuckers out.

    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    I'm new to this thread at that is not helping your argument at all, just saying...

    see4 Well-Known Member

    You have lost your god damn mind.
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    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

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    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    How do you explain:
    Gravity on a flat plane?
    Time zones?
    Lunar eclipses?
    Shadow clocks?
    Transatlantic flights and visible earth curvature?

    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    You are watering a rock not a sponge.
    He will blabber gibberish at every rational piece of evidence presented and fall back on conspiracy theory ad infinitum.

    "In the immortal words of Jean Paul Sartre, Au revoir, guerilla".
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    RetiredGuerilla Well-Known Member

    The earth is clearly flat on all flights. Even NASA says you must be 60 miles in space to see the curvature. How do you explain the lunar eclipse that occured when the sun and moon were both visible? How do you explain such a small swath of totality during a solar eclipse if the moon is 1/3 the size of earth and only 250,000 miles away? NASA relies on ancient work to predict eclipses so I'm saying there is a hell of a lot we don't know. Dark planet? Gravity is a mystery word and a scapegoat to explain away what you don't understand. It's all about density. Helium and lead. Drop a lead ball and a plastic ball of the same size from the same height. The lead ball will hit first because it's far more dense. If you look at a flat earth map (like the ones found in war rooms) It explains those Asian flights to Los Angeles that have emergency landings in Alaska. Polaris, Antarctica i could go on and on. The Globe is crumbling and all the Atheist are going to be heart broken. Mean while all the Aussies are walking upside down and terrorist are playing hide and seek from the Navy by using the oceans curvature for cover.
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    blake9999 Well-Known Member

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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    i'm unwatching this thread. i've wasted enough time trying to convince a complete fool that he's a complete fool.
    i do have to tell you, it's a good thing i don't know you, or i'd be trying to arrange an accident for you....for the good of the race. there are already too many idiots making more idiots....anytime you can arrange an "accident" for an idiot, the entire race profits
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    RetiredGuerilla Well-Known Member

    Only insults and ridicule nothing intelligent to add except idiot and dumbass and death threats. I am a truth seeker. Only idiots and dumbasses believe in oceans curving. The Atheist globe is crumbling. The moon, sun and stars are a clock for us to count the days, months and years. The Mayans mastered it and knew it was a domed system. It's not a cosmic accident created out of the big bang. Moderator, this Roger guy is out of line you should erase his post about me having a accident.
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    Grandpapy Well-Known Member

    It lies just over the horizon.
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    you may be a truth seeker, but you're a severely myopic truth seeker. some truths are practically impossible to find, and if you do find them, it's even harder to find a way to express them to anyone who hasn't experienced it for themselves already.
    other truths are self evident, all most people have to do is have them pointed out once, and they see the obvious truth for what it is, and after having a few truths pointed out to them, they learn how to see them for themselves. however, there are always those who will look at the truth, and not be able to perceive it. it's like they're looking at one of those silhouette pictures, is it two vases or two faces? and they don't see either.
    you know a guy who tells you that he sees a rainbow. you don't see it, so you ask someone else, they don't see it either. you ask 1000 people, and maybe 3 out of 1000 see a rainbow, while 997 don't. do 997 people need glasses? or 3?.....?
    the guy tells you that not only do the 997 need the glasses, but that the 997 are misinformed fools, that they don't see the rainbow because every leader in the entire world has decided to collaborate on this colossal, vast, infinitely fallible hoax on the entire world, that rainbows are around us all the time, and those in charge don't want us to see them for some reason.....
    you'd think he was a complete and total fucking nutbar that at least needs to be sterilized, and probably shouldn't be allowed to own weapons, pets, or children.....that the world would be a better place without people like this slowing down the progress the rest of us are making. that people like this are not just a drag on the rest of us, they're actively working against progress, they're racial saboteurs....

    you are indeed free to believe whatever ridiculous nonsense you choose to, courtesy of the country that is tricking all of us blind fools...just as i am free to believe that the world would be better off without people that have your particular mental illness

    ANC Well-Known Member

    The sun is clearly LED.
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    BudmanTX Well-Known Member


    BudmanTX Well-Known Member


    RetiredGuerilla Well-Known Member

    I already know how fake those cartoons look .......sheesh. Are you like 7 years old? The Earth is not a Globular spinning ball. There is no such thing as the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause. The oceans do not curve as lasers have proven this. You heads are too ignorant and lazy to understand or to research it. The dome is God's clock. It is of intelligent design. The Mayans mastered it. They were the masters of time. Eclipses and meteor showers are predictable events that happen at regular intervals. Polaris is a stationary star at the magnetic north and all the other stars revolve around it. Time lapse video proves it. The Northern and southern hemispheres see different constellations. NASA's photos have been proven by modern technology to be forgeries. Math and science supports flat earth. Heliocentric and The Big Bang are merely theories. Help yourself to more kool-aid.
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