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Organic Feeding 101.

Discussion in 'Organics' started by nick17gar, Feb 12, 2012.


    Joomby Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to check it out for a look see and also know where to direct people who are chasing a decent blend as I do know that you know soil you know haha.. I already have a bit of my own ROLS style/recipe but I will be sure to ask for a critique and suggestions next batch
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    That's awesome, @Joomby, I'd be honoured to help, any way I can, no problem at all, mate.. especially when not in school and what not. If you know of stores that you want to carry certain things, especially in Canada, can put em on our list to visit too when we tour so we can get more options in them.

    Meanwhile, yeah brother, direct your peeps to our "The Dons' Organic Garden' thread if you want for free help, its much like a live organic chat, just until our website launches, may as well since lots of people already building on there- always fun to help people build a living organic soil and source things; no matter what country they're in- always good vibes.

    Also doing free private consults still, just via email, and sometimes cell, for good karma and continued learning / practice, whenever needed, but yeah threads a cool place to land, as said.

    Since you're interested, quick update, just to stay connected, not promoting or anything, we have a real solid partner (and team) set up in Canada, and thats where we plan to roll out first, coast to coast. Since thats where we have a few large glacial deposits under our ownership/management.

    One being a few million yards of glacial rich peat based soil, the other being a couple large glacial rock dust deposits, in the 200,000 tonne range.. just doing tests on it now, or as soon as my sample lands, then will be awaiting analysis.

    plus a major timber mill that creates astonishing amounts of lumber, which has given us access to well over a billion (with a b) kg's of fungal dom compost that is not too far off from market ready.

    So we have some major assets working for us, but a little cash infusion would be very good so we can expand faster. Ideally we would buy our own dump truck, super B, as well as soil bagger, crusher, auger, loader, and screener.
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    Joomby Well-Known Member

    It's good your helping people for free and karma is great thing as I'm sure by helping people out now it will build your rep for when your business is ready. And Holly shit you have got some quality resources at your finger tips.i work in the mining industry in Australia maybe I can move to Canada and operate your fleet and fix your gear haha. Think big man you sound passionate about it and it sounds like all your apples are lining up. Show a broker or bank your plans and knowledge they would be stupid not to give you a loan considering the market. Anyways I'll stop jamming this thread and update myself on your thread
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    MrKnotty Active Member

    Your the man for real!
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Always super happy to help folks go organic!
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    T-Bag Member

    Good info! Iv been trying out organic no till this summer with great results. There is some great stuff in here, Ill have to try some of these teas! Iv been making some videos of my teas and Im about to make some today on adding molasses check it out my recipe is in the video!
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    BandanaBreath Member

    like me so i can like this post, it was well deserved.....or maybe post before! this initation stuff sucks azz
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