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    Fred johnson

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    Hello everyone and thank you for stopping in. I dont mind who you are. Feel free to post and comment. Id enjoy the feedback and input.

    So 2016 has been a great year for me. I didnt end up with a huge plentiful harvest, but i hunted out a few particular keeper phenos. My mothers chosen this year are sage and sour f4, my blueberry yum yum strain (not true yum yum, has about an eighth of dynasyy genetics in it), grape og and tahoe og by cali connect, god bud, and blue dream. Also selected a skywalker og mail which is honestly one of the best males ive seen in 15 years. Seeds produced were gsc x fire og f2. Sage and sour f4 x gsc x fire og male1. Bb yum yum f3 of my strain. Sage and sour f4 x honey badger haze. Og x durbain f3. Huck cough f3. In process of using skywalker pollen and hurkle pollen purchased from start right gebetics with all mothers.

    New project
    pheno hunting chocolate chunk f3 and underdawg og f3 by thseeds. Also taking blue magoo bx2 and doing brother sister mating as well as crossing with my yum yum. Im gonna get back to putting in work and making stash jars. Might even put an aquarium hydrometer in them.

    Veg 200 watt t5 6500k. 400 watt mh 7500k
    clone and mothers. T8 and cfls
    flower 3oo watt full spectrum and 400 watt super hps. With 12 light cfl ranging from 2100 to 7000k.
    1476066790123-460704318.jpg ill try to make a sublime one next.

    20161009_205805.jpg sage and sour almost there

    20161009_205819.jpg yum yum 1. Skunk grape pheno

    20160916_173523.jpg yum yum (purple people eater pheno) full o seed:)

    20161003_110735.jpg sage and sour(twin towers pheno) rotten fruit best yield.

    Thank you for stopping in. Update on nutrient and grow info and pheno hunting coming soon. Lets start chucking pollen in a very scientific and intellectual way. I love pollen chucking but do not like the negative connotations most breeders reaffirm with this term. Peace yall
    Fred johnson

    Fred johnson Active Member

    Skywalker og stud. I cannot wait til his long hollow stem and hairy balls bust all over me. Bahahaha. Is he coming yet? 20161009_224456.jpg holy
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    Fred johnson

    Fred johnson Active Member

    1476069806947-1908769030.jpg although im not there yet im definitely putting in the work. I will make it. And ill leave the stash jar making to my beautiful partner.
    20161009_224637.jpg LIL SPROUT. Pheno hunt 2016 would have not been possible on such a large scale without her. And i think its almost time to call her seedling. Shes learned alot.

    20161009_224756.jpg nice test bud of sage and sour. Mostly cloudy trichs
    Fred johnson

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    Time for some info.

    I keep things pretty simple in my grows. I use mynown mix of organic soil with few additives. Just mix in 2 part soil 1 medium bag compost/manure. I let that cook for a few months. Then add perlite and vermiculite. I domt start feeding til about 4 weeks. Start off slow with 1ml advanced nutrients grow micro and bloom. I never use the 3 part over 6 to 8 ml with my soil. Additives used are big bud, overdrive, voodoo juice, fulvic acid and bud candy. All those arent needed bud i have had good success with them. Sometimes use b52 sensizem and myco.
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    Honestly riu is the greates community i have ever been a part of. I want to thank everyone who participates. Honestly some of the most fire genetics i ever reciebed, and i have bought alot of seeds, have been gifted to me from riu members includinh my yum yum and many of my creations i havent yet named. Thank you to all my friends who willingly tested and phenohunted my strains with me this year. I couldnt have done a large scale breeding project like done by large seed companies without the help of my firends.

    Quick update. Just realized i havent started my journal yet. Shout out to the ceo jesse for hooking me up with some bomb lab tested and proven pollen. Strain recieved was regular hurkle pollen. I originally thought was thc strain but found out it has a 1 to 1 ration of astonishingly high thc and cbd. I will use a quarter of the pollen on the highest thc females i have which are grape og and tahoe og. I will then pheno hunt for the 1 to 1 ratios as well as the high thc pheno, as im not interested in cbd, but ultimately will still have high cbd in 25 percent of offspring if don right. The cbd should increase every back cross. I will keep the best male and females out of a quartet of the pollen then keep the rest for only bx. I plan to bx hurkle at least 5 times as a breeding expirement. Id like some input on this idea. I could make many hybrids with it but i believe the diamond in the goats as is waiting somewhere around bx 5 to 10. I should see a huge ratio of cbd to thc in some. A huge ration of thc in some. And a thc and cbd even content breaking 15 each.
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    Calipollen 1476074626937-1475900427.jpg 1476074626937-1475900427.jpg its crazy to think you could treat hundreds of cancer patients/seizures etc frpm this little vial.

    If anyone has medical conditions requiring cbd please pm me.
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    So how's the Grape Og turning out? How'd you end up with the Tahoe OG being a male? She was 100% female for me. Unless she hermed on ya. In bad need of pollen myself. Well hit me up sometime man, can't never get ahold of you.. lol

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