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Plants in my 1st soil recipe are still alive after 5 days.

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Buba Blend, Jul 19, 2017.


    GrnMonStr Well-Known Member

    So you are just on the high end a little of the PH scale, what are your plans to adjust that? I just did a slurry test on my soil (waiting for it to settle now) but I have not added my fresh EWC to it yet since my mix is in a large tote outside and I only have enough castings for my grow tub, that is currently being used so I really need to get another tube the actual size I grow in so I can start composting those EWC to know for sure what my final PH will be. I will post a pic later of my slurry test.
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    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    Those slurry tests taken were from plants with 2 weeks left till harvest. I won't be trying to adjust PH of the soil or water the rest of this grow, just planning to finish the last two weeks with occasional waterings of ro with about 40 ppms of cal mag+. I haven't PH'ed my ro water this grow.
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    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    My soil has been cooking for about 10 days. Both times when I put my mix in a barrel I needed to empty the barrel to let the soil air out on a tarp for a few days because each time it was a little to wet.

    3 gallon pot of my soil dry weight would be about 10.5-11.0.
    Last time it cooked, 13.6 lbs was the weight of a 3 gallon pot.
    Just now a 3 gallon pot of my cooking soil weighed 13.2 lbs
    In my garage temp 81 and humidity 50%.
    Inside the soil mix undisturbed the temp was 82 and humidity was 92%.
    I stirred the mix and thought the humidity was going to go up after stirring but it actually went down to 91%. Usually it went up after being stirred. I think if I leave it alone for a few days the humidity will rise. Last mix spent a lot of time at 99% humidity.
    Last time the smell and the heat seemed to settle down at just about 6 weeks.
    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    GrnMonStr has me thinking about my soil PH now.
    Wish I had tested the ph of my 2nd batch of used ffof before adding the amendments. I tested it just now and it is already in the PH 7 range. I already came up with some experiments to play with the two soils, mixing some ffof with a ph closer to 6 with some of my soil that has a ph closer to 7 to see what happens next grow.

    I have a plant in my 1st mix that has always been healthy but had what looked like nute burn on the edges of the fan leaves early on. It always stood out. The burn is on the tip and sides of the fan leaves.
    Could be lots of things I suppose including my soil PH.
    At about 9 weeks of flowering it has the most solid bud formation of all my plant. It does lack the large crystals I'm hoping for next grow but aside from that it is quite nice looking, especially when you consider all the struggles these plants have been put through, with that in mind she is extremely nice.

    The buzz from the two small plants grown in the 10" clay pots sucked, very much resembled the quality of the last grow when I overwatered. Those plants suffered in those clay pots, having the early calcium deficiencies. The smoke is not something I would be inclined to share or brag about.
    There is good news though. I harvested another plant 2 days ago, it was a small plant in 3 gallon's of ffof. I just put a couple of small buds in the toasted oven at 160 for 45 minutes, tried it and I am really stoned.

    2 pictures below are of the plant with the nute burned leaves at 9 weeks taken yesterday, note the leaf closest to the soil, it is the original single blade leaf. This plant has not been harvested yet.
    I have 3 plants that still have that single blade set of leaves, my goal next grow will be to remove some branches but keep all fan leaves alive. I have had plenty of grows were I'd be removing tons of dead leaves in the past, I'm going for green to the end next grow.

    I think I should start a stop watch when I go to trim this plant.
    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    I have one plant in a 12" clay pot in my soil. Heavy compared to the plastic pots. It was one of the four plants I found that had hermies likely from the transplant at 1 week into flowering. This is also one of four plants that suffered from a likely Nitrogen deficiency. I gave two plants including this one a boost from the GH trio that brought back the color fast for awhile but it is slowly faded again. The other two in 3 gallon pots received one top dressing of blood meal about 2 level tbls and those have been fine with no other treatments.
    The plant below has horrible airy buds that will be used in bubble hash. A number of plants will likely be bubble hash.
    I noticed this one has late flowering hermies today and brought it out then found a nasty male flower right were you would expect it to be.
    Shit! I was lifting this plant in front of a fan to weigh it and man I got burned with seeds on some plants. Yet luckily some plants like the nice one shown above have little or no seeds.
    Took pics, the 1st is of the early flowering hermie I missed, it was hidden by other crap that I cut away for the picture but I should have found it before. The second is of the late flowering stamen that is circled. I'm not aware of any of the plants not harvested yet having banannas but will be looking closely.
    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    I needed to add water to my newest soil mix, I let it dry out a bit to much. Added about a half gallon of water 3 days ago, just added another half gallon to a 30 gallon batch of soil today.

    Those who can easily injure there back like me, I'd like to say a 30 gallon batch can be made with no injury or sore muscles. I think each time I do it, it will become easier.
    Used a 33 gallon plastic barrel and the stuff pictured below.
    Amendments are going to take space, in my 2nd mix they accounted for 12 gallons. With soil added I ended up with 36 gallons of amended soil, I put the rest in an empty ffof bag.

    Remember to wear goggles or some type of eye protection and a resperator as show below. At least wear a mask. You will regret not covering your eyes, I did when I forgot. Gloves were also used.

    Here is what I did.
    With soil and amendments added and a little bit of moisture in the soil so it doesn't create dust moving it around, mix it with a rake and shovel. Avoid scraping the tarp. To mix the lower section of the soil in, the part you can't reach with out slicing the tarp, you will need a big tarp area to make it easy. Move the upper soil away from a good size section of soil on the tarp. Leave it 2 or 3 inches high. Now lift the tarp and let the soil roll toward the pile, then flip the soil on top of the big pile of soil, a foot comes in handy when doing the flip. Next mix it in with the rake then repeat around the tarp. When ready to put it in the barrel create a high pile with the rake and shovel it into the barrel. Adjust pile when it gets low to avoid scraping the tarp with the shovel. The last bit of soil can easily be dropped into the barrel. Tarp can be reused many times if you avoid ripping it.
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    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    I found a link to cornell edu that explains cottonseed meal:

    Cottonseed meal is a rich source of nitrogen (7%). Unfortunately, a substantial percentage of the insecticides used in the U.S. are applied to cotton, and some of these tend to leave residues in the seeds. Most organic certification programs restrict or prohibit the use of cottonseed meal.

    Here is that link and two others that I like regarding amendments.



    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    Haven't updated hear since harvest. The harvested plants make a nice smoke and have a very nice buzz but do not have much of the flavor or smell that they should have. Tricomes are incredibly small. Visualy not appealling, very airy buds. This grow reminded me why I don't grow in the summer. Maybe if I had a developed root system they would have done OK. I will start a journal with my new grow and add a link here.
    The new grow is off to a much better start. Same seeds as the grow just harvested, the seeds came from the same branch as the plants from the last grow, probably from the same bud. They are 21 days from being seedlings and already have trunks equal in thickness to the last plants at harvest. They were put into the 3 gallon pots in a no-till fashion, I figured the small root system might make it work out and play to my advantage versus a 3 gallon pot that was heavily filled with roots. No-till is usually done in much larger containers.
    I had fan leaves with 7 blade leaves last grow. These seeds are capable of growing 14 blade leaves. This grow the plant shown has 11 or 12 blades. This pic taken yesterday only shows 11 blades. There is a blade shooting forward that will be visible for pictures in a few days. This never happened this fast before. I have only watered it once with 6 cups of RO 11 days ago and misted the plant twice since transplanting. It weighs 15.2 Lbs. It was always the heaviest at transplant about 21 lbs. Some have already been watered this one might wait a few more days.
    For the no-till I cut out the center and added a 50-50 mix of perlite and castings. Then since the pots had about 2 inches available space from the lip, I added an inch of my newly made 2nd batch of soil that was cooking for more than 6 weeks and watered it heavily with a fair amount of runoff.Each plant being watered the second time is getting 6 cups with about 50 ppms of GO Cal/mag+ about 8 drops into 6 cups of RO.
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    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    These are at 6 weeks from seedling in the no-till 3 gallon pots. Trunks are developing nicely this time, it was not a fun summer grow, off to a much better start this time. These were topped once. I am going to flip tomorrow.
    I have one unique leaf expression.
    I pruned the 1st set of branches, looking at the last pic below I'm going to go prune some of the 2nd set of branches. I will take the branch and leave the fan leaves.
    Sorry for the MH lighting.
    100_6355.JPG 100_6357.JPG 100_6458.JPG 100_6464.JPG 100_6465.JPG
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    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    All plants were treated differently but this is a rough idea of what I did so far from seedling to week 6.
    After taking 8 to 11 days to dry out the 1st watering was about 4 cups of RO.
    2nd watering 6 cups added 1/4 tsp/gal cal/mag+. Day after 2nd watering they each got a small layer of diametric earth and most went 8 days without being watered again.
    3rd watering all but one plant received about 3/4 cup of castings/perlite and 3 tbl of DTE Bio Live and were watered with about a 1/4 tsp epsom salt per gallon. Two plants recieved a foliar spray with epsom. One of the two plants receiving the foliar had a minor Mg def in one single blade leaf.
    Hopefully the plants look good in the pics above, some were just waterboarded, flushed, leached whatever IDK :)
    The new ffof was used then amended with my 1st soil mix and used a 2nd time, then I started the no-till without leaching the soil of any buildup. No synthetics were used at any time in these soils since new unless maybe I forgot using it somewhere, I might have but sparingly if I did.
    The slight runoff I was getting was quite dark.
    I ran about 9 gallons of RO through all but one plant. I started with one plant last week on up to the last plant yesterday. Wish I finished them with a tea. I think overall they liked it. After they dry out from the leaching each is getting 3/4 cup of 60/40 castings/perlite and 2 tbl blood meal mixed into the top soil. Each will get about 6 cups of ro with 1/4 tsp cal/mag+ per gal.
    #7 was always weak in color, I wasn't sure if the soil was deficient or if the plant just had weak color. That one I gave DTE Bio Fish instead of bio live and it now has good color. Bio live may have done the same but it reacted well to the Bio fish.
    Any missing waterings from the list above were basically staggered RO only watering then a 1/4 tsp Cal/mag+ then RO...
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    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    Man, this was a WOW moment when I saw the roots from a drain hole. Coincidentally it is the same plant trunk pictured above that this relates too.

    If you read through the thread you would know this grow was all about the roots. I was not seeing any roots in the drain holes this grow. Likely because of the way I am watering. I was not concerned not seeing roots, the trunks told me everything was going well down there, at least that is what I am hoping, won't know until I pull some pots after harvest.
    I recently was seeing some roots showing up at the drain holes. I have never had a grow where it took so long for roots to show up at the drain holes. I always liked it in the past if they showed up quickly. I was usually watering more often in the past when this would happen, roots also showed up quickly in the drain holes when I was overwatering.

    Anyway, the two roots coming out that I just saw are much bigger than I can recall seeing in the past. Hope to be seeing some good crystal this grow. If it isn't I'm totally switching to new genetics.

    Thank You to all RIU members that have upped my game tremendously in the past year.

    Hope these shares are beneficial to others as I have been helped.

    Happy Growing!
    100_6505.JPG 100_6506.JPG
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